BOWDEN: Talks to Coach Ford

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden met with the media Wednesday as the Tigers continue to prepare for The Citadel Saturday afternoon.


CAN THE FIRST GAME BEAT YOU TWICE? Well there's always that concern. There always is. Once you lose a game, as a coach once you lose a game [you think] how much will the players dwell on it? Of course, obviously you want them to think about their performance and getting better and making improvement. There's got to be a little bit of that. It's kind of like what we talked about ... being embarrassed and making improvement.

ANY PERSONNEL CHANGES YET? We'll probably wait until the end of the week [Thursday]. We'll have to talk to Coach Scott and see how he wants to handle it.

STATE OF THE TEAM EMOTIONALLY: You can't tell until you play.

EFFECTIVENESS OF THE STALLION PACKAGE: Well there was nothing that was working in the running game and we didn't get a lot of at bats. I really couldn't gauge any productivity out of zero yards rushing whether it was the power play, zone play, inside zone, outside zone, multiple backs.

DID SABAN GIVE YOU GOOD ADVICE THE OTHER DAY? I talked to him about self-scout. I've always been a big self-scout guy. I wanted to know about things he noticed in watching our offense for six months in studying it. That call was different than the other three. The other guy I talked to and forgot to mention it and he gave me some good information was Coach [Danny] Ford but it didn't help. I talked to Coach Ford last week ... since he played at Alabama, coached at Alabama was from Alabama and he coached here and he gave me some good stuff which I used.

IS THAT COMMON IN THE COACHING PROFESSION? Some guys may be a little embarrassed to maybe say they did it. I don't know. I've always done it. When I was a head coach at Tulane I did it and when I was a coordinator for about 11 years I did it. I always called the team if I didn't play them again. I've always done that. As an offensive guy I wanted to know if I had any tendencies. Down and distance tendencies. Hash-mark tendencies. Field position tendencies. Formation tendencies. Maybe that comes from my coordinator background.

WAS SABAN SURPRISED TO HEAR FROM YOU: I don't know you'd have to ask him. He returned my call to my cell phone. I saw '205' so I knew it was him.

ARE YOU SURPRISED BY THE NEGATIVE REACTION BY THE FANS TO THE FACT YOU CALLED OTHER COACHES? Oh? I don't really care. I've called them my whole life. As I've said I've never professed to have all the answers. It's merely confirmation. I didn't change anything. Again, but I surely am not going to make an adjustment on public reaction. I've never done that. When I do I'll probably be removed from the profession.

UPDATE ON RICKY SAPP: We'll talk about Ricky Sapp tomorrow with injuries. It's a big concern because we had no sacks. It's a huge concern. (Sapp was in a yellow jersey Wednesday.) Top Stories