Clemson Commit to Take Visits?

In his latest recruiting diary for, this five-star safety says he'll take at least two other official visits before he signs his Letter of Intent. Could this be truly something to worry about?

S Devonte Holloman Profile

We had a good game Friday. We had a good game plan. We ended up executing well. We won 56-0.

The defense had a shutout. We scored 21 points in about three minutes on defense.

I scored two touchdowns. One was on a punt return. We have a good return scheme. It wasn't a hard play. All I had to do was catch and run about 53 yards.

I also had an interception return for 40 yards. They had been running a lot of combination routes. We adjusted and I picked it off and cut across the field. I got by the quarterback and ran it in.

The Clemson loss was a heartbreaker. It was disappointing. I guess that happens to a lot of teams. You hear about how good you are going to be. That was the test to show what they really had. They had the matchup against the best conference.

Michigan called this week. They were just asking if I was still committed to Clemson. I told them yes, but I am going to take at least two or three visits to make sure.

I am still committed to Clemson, but I want to take a couple of visits to make sure.

The game had a little effect on it. I was always wondering if there was something else out there for me. I am going to take at least two other visits. I don't know where yet. I am going to get the word out there. The coaches don't know yet.

I talked to coach Napier on Monday. He felt embarrassed about the game. He expected to do a lot better. Everyone feels like they got dominated up front. They matched up at skill positions, but got beat up front and that was the key to the game.

I won't be able to come to Clemson this weekend because I have to watch my sister. I will probably come checkout the N.C. State game next week. Top Stories