BOWDEN: Tigers in Better Mood

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden discusses Saturday's game against N.C. State.


WILL YOU CONSIDER A BAN ON MOPEDS AFTER HAIRSTON'S ACCIDENT? So many of them have one it's just the mode of transportation. I've never really thought about it and I don't think I will. It's a shame because between him and Thomas Austin that's our experience. You take him out then we'll probably go with three freshmen. Tim [Bourret] reminded me that's the first time that will happen since 1943. But somebody has to step up. The defense has to step up a notch. The offensive skill players need to step up a notch. That's a lot but you still have to play the games.

DO YOU EXPECT LANDON WALKER TO START SATURDAY? No I didn't say that. He might or might not. I'm not saying that now. I tell everybody on the team you are one injury away from being the starter. I'd hate to show my hand and say too much because then they can scheme.

BETTER MOOD AT PRACTICE TODAY?: Oh yeah. Winning is winning. It makes practice is easier.

LINTHICUM UPDATE: We'll have something tomorrow. We'll get something together for tomorrow. I did not see him today. We'll have something tomorrow. Top Stories