Scott Discusses O-Line Moves

CLEMSON - Tigers' offensive line coach talks about the shuffling of the offensive line.

While redshirt sophomore left tackle Chris Hairston is officially listed as doubtful for this weekend's game against N.C. State after he fell off of moped Saturday evening, it sounds more and more like he's not going to play.

Operating under that assumption, the Tigers re-arranged their offensive line Monday night before practice- shifting Cory Lambert from right tackle to left.

Here is an unedited transcript of a post-practice conversation with Clemson offensive line coach Brad Scott regarding the move and where the Tigers go from here:

What are the personnel changes you'll make this week if Chris Hairston cannot play?
Scott: I was thinking about it today and that's the way we practiced tonight [Monday] is Cory Lambert over at left tackle and Landon Walker over at right tackle and we'll let him battle it out with Antoine McClain. If we had to move one of the guards out there for help we could look at that but I'm not sure who that would be.

Did Hairston tell you how the injury happened on the moped?
Scott: All he told me was he just hit a bump with it. I'm sure he was going wide open - I'm sure it was 26 mph with him on there (laughing). He said he just hit a bump and it threw him off of it. That is all he told me.

Was his shoulder injury against The Citadel the reason Landon Walker got in so early?
Scott: He could have played the whole game. They strapped him down. Landon had been playing better and better. I think Landon went in the first quarter, third series. He did well. So I put Hairston in there just one more series after the first half and then when I knew his shoulder was bothering him a little bit. If I would have known he was going to play on a motorcycle I would have played him more and maybe I could have tired him out.

Is your line prepared to take on these kinds of injuries and still show improvement?
Scott: These kinds of things tend to happens sometimes. Just like with our defensive line and the injuries we have had there. That's why you work those second-team guys. It happens to every team in the country. Nobody gets through the season without losing a couple of a starters a game or two. Sometimes we rely hard on our second team guys- they actually went in the game and performed pretty good [Saturday against The Citadel]. The good news is Cloy played really well Saturday. I was pleased with his performance and effort. We'll get Barry back sometime I hope. He's 50-50 when he comes back- will it hold? He's been working hard in the weight room two or three times a day right now. But now with Hairston out I was a little thinner at tackle from an experience standpoint.

What was your assessment of David Smith in his first start Saturday?
Scott: He played and he had his moments. It was it his first time and he was trying to be careful on some things and he did some things well but he really didn't turn it loose how I wanted him too. He's got some ability in there. There's not a lot of separation between him and Jamarcus [Grant]. So they are still battling in there at left guard. I thought David- he didn't quite have a winning performance for our standards but he wasn't far behind. Most of it was technique, footwork and things like that. Top Stories