First Visit a Huge Success

This underrated linebacker/safety prospect from Florida just concluded his official visit to Clemson Sunday morning. has the latest in this recruiting report.

LB/S Conor O'Neill Profile

6-1, 195 pound linebacker Conor O'Neill traveled to Clemson this weekend along with his father for his first official visit and his first college game.

"My dad and I are in airport right now getting ready to fly home," he told Sunday morning. "I loved it. I had a great time. Me and my dad both experienced my first college game together. I had a great time.

"We got there on Friday and road round with one of the coaches. We went to the team meal that night. I got to hang out with Kyle Parker. We hung out together on Friday night.

"On Saturday we met with the academic advisors. Then we stayed and enjoyed the game. That night we went out to dinner with coach Blackwell. My dad and I decided to just stay in Saturday night and watch some football. We watched several games including the Auburn game, the Wisconsin game and the Ohio State game."

The weekend visit allowed the Florida standout to strengthen his relationship with the Clemson staff.

"I definitely love the relationship I have with the coaches. They are all honest and up front with you. They tell you the truth about everything and don't tell you any lies. I like the relationship I have with all of the coaches there. They love the game of football and enjoy what they are going," said O'Neill.

What was the highlight of the visit overall?

"I would say the highlight was hanging out with my dad and enjoying my first experience at a college game," he said. "I would also say hanging out with a couple of Clemson commits Malliciah Goodman and J.K. Jay. It was great hanging out with them. I got to hear their thoughts about Clemson. They grew up Clemson fans and are now Clemson commits."

Not surprisingly, Jay hit it off right away with Conor.

"He is a great kid," O'Neill said. "We definitely loved hanging out together. We share the same values. I met him and Malliciah at breakfast. We hung out on the field together before the game and then sat together at the game."

The star defender made a wardrobe change during the game.

"We were sweaty in the other clothes so we went and got some Clemson stuff so we could show our support," said O'Neill.

The visit to Tigertown helped the Tigers chances, but two more visits are still in the plans.

"I mean it was great," he said. "I definitely enjoyed my first experience with college life and college football. All three schools are still neck and neck. I want to take all three visits before I establish a clear leader. After those three visits I will be able to nail it down and make a decision."

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