Tommy Bowden Teleconference Notes

<img src=> "First of all I think it's a testament to our fan base because I'm sure that's one of the first things that came up today," said head coach Tommy Bowden in reference to the Tigers' Tangerine Bowl Bid.

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Tommy Bowden Teleconference (10:26)

Does playing in Orlando this help you recruit down in Florida?
"First of all I think it's a testament to our fan base because I'm sure that's one of the first things that come up. Well traditionally we go down to the Florida area, but we usually stop about the Orlando/Tampa area, but again Florida is one of the biggest area so yeah that will help us out."

On playing in Florida as opposed to Boise.
"It's just about an additional spring ball as far as practice goes but this it will make it a lot appealing then to have to twist arms and go to a cold weather environment."

On setting up the Tigers' bowl schedule
"I'm going to go in tomorrow and start working forward. I've got it all written up and I'll finalize that tomorrow. We'll have a team meeting tomorrow and we'll go from there. I think we've put in 15 or 16 pratices total, it might be 18, I'm not sure yet."

On playing in an early game.
"I got the sense that a lot of our players wanted to play in this one because it's so early and they can get home for Christmas. We'll need to keep them focused on the game obviously, but I think this was the preference for most of our team."

How familar with you with the Big 12?
Not realy familiar, I know that it's a real competitive league from top to bottom, but other than that, I don't really know a whole lot.

On the importance of beating USC in terms of getting the bowl bid to the Tangerine.
"There was a lot at stake in that game, and I think the players were aware that it would improve our position in the eyes of the bowl if we were to win."

Tangerine Bowl Director Tom Mickle
"We are extremely excited to have Clemson selected and we are excited to have them here in Orlando."

"The fact they've got strong fan support and also finished strong probably were the key factors in the decision. We have a democratic selection prospect, which is a little usual because we have over 100 members that vote. Anybody who scouts the game has a vote, so we had a 2-hour meeting this afternoon and Virginia also had some strong support, but Clemson was obviously our choice."

"We think it will probably go to the weekend to get a Big XII opponent due to the BCS. Kansas State is still a possibility to get in the BCS and if they do, that will throw off the hold order on who goes where. Texas Tech, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M are all in the mix right now." Top Stories