Charlie Strong Visits Nelson

Defensive coordinator Charlie Strong from the University of South Carolina will be the first coach in to see one of the top safeties in the south in Crestwood's Maurice Nelson. What about the Tigers? Is Coach Stockstill in hot pursuit? You bet he is!

Today was the first day allowed for college coaches to visit recruits in their home. caught up with Maurice Nelson to see which coaches were on his schedule this week.

First of all, did you make it up to the game last weekend against South Carolina?
Nelson: Yeah I did, it was a great game. You know in the end I just think that Clemson wanted it more than Carolina and that's why they won. We had a good time at the game and pretty much talked to all the coaches, Coach Hines, Coach Lovett, Coach Stockstill and Tommy Bowden.

Today is the first day allowed for in home visits from coaches, did you have any coaches visit you?
Nelson: Yeah, Coach Strong (Charlie Strong, defensive coordinator at South Carolina) is coming here right now. He's scheduled to get here around 8 o'clock.

Clemson just accepted a bid to the Tangerine Bowl, will you likely try to get down there with your brother?
Nelson: Yeah I might, I'm not sure yet. We talked about it, he's been home the past couple of days.

Was he excited after the big win last weekend?
Nelson: Oh yeah, he really was. I think he's excited about the direction of the program.

Do you have any other in-home visits set up this week?
Nelson: Yeah, I do. Coach Stockstill is coming here on Tuesday. Those are the only ones I have so far.

How long do the coaches usually stay for those visits?
Nelson: Well, with my brother, they'd usually stay for about an hour or so. It depends though. They sit down and talk with you and your family about the school and stuff like that.

I see where you added Vanderbilt as the last school that will get an official visit, any particular reason why you decided on them?
Nelson: Well there coach has been calling me and saying some good things, so I'm going to go up there and check it out. I'm leaving this Friday actually.

Have you ever been to Nashville before?
Nelson: No I haven't, but I'm looking forward to it this weekend.

Is Clemson still your leader?
Nelson: Yes sir they are.

We'd like to conclude by thanking Maurice for taking the time to speak with us. The 4-star prospect out of Sumter has a busy couple of weeks ahead of him with visits to Georgia, Vanderbilt, and Clemson on the horizon. We'll continue to keep you updated on his visits as we get closer to signing day. Top Stories