BOWDEN: Tigers Get Physical

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden talks with the media after Wednesday evening's practice session.


DO YOU DEAL WITH YOUR DEFENSIVE STAFF DIFFERENTLY WITH THE PROBLEMS ON DEFENSE EARLY IN THE SEASON? No. I've got the same management style that I've had as a head coach. I'm not doing anything differently.

ARE YOU MORE INVOLED ON DEFENSE? Ask them boys. I watched a little bit, about six or seven minutes the other day. But I don't do that very often. If you give a guy responsibility then you give him responsibility. I don't think you can manage any other way.

TUESDAY'S PRACTICE MORE PHYSICAL? Yes, it's pretty good with full pads. We had a pretty good practice today. As I tell the team, any time you put in game plans it's something entirely new. The center re-targets something completely different against S.C. State than last week. We tell the players, listen we are going to put something new in on Tuesday, then take it out Wednesday or Thursday. We tell them don't worry about doing things wrong during game plan - the week. The attention level is good though this week.

SIX TURNOVERS IN THREE GAMES- YOUR THOUGHTS? I've addressed it with the team and talked about it with the media. Six in three games, that's not good. Like the one though with Cullen last week, you automatically assume that's Cullen's fault, but if you go back and look at the tape, if you look at the wide receiver was off about two or three years on his split and that makes all the difference in the world. That doesn't justify it. Six is too many. Spacing. The field is 53 yards [wide].

HOW HAS CULLEN LOOKED THIS WEEK? Yes he's throwing the ball good. He was throwing the ball as good Monday as he's had. He threw it as good Monday as I've seen him throwing it on a Monday. Top Stories