Kinlaw Sets First Official Visit

Rodney Kinlaw, one of the premier running backs in South Carolina this year, had his first in-home visit Sunday evening. Was it the Clemson Tigers or South Carolina Gamecocks that met with him first? Details on that and his first official visit are inside!

Rodney Kinlaw, one of the top running back prospects on the Tigers' board this year, spoke with about his senior season and the recruting process late Sunday evening.

The senior out of Stratford saw his high school career end this past weekend as the Knights fell to Rock Hill 17-0. Here's what he had to say about his senior season in the low country, and all of the schools that are currently in hot pursuit for his services:

How have things been going for you so far this season?
Kinlaw: Well, I guess you should say "how was your season," because we lost to Rock Hill 17-0 this past weekend. (laughing)

That's too bad, I know that you were close to 2,000 yards rushing this year right?
Kinlaw: Yes sir, I think I ended up with close to 1,800 yards and 30 touchdowns.

Obviously you've been hearing from a lot of schools since last spring, which schools are recruiting you the hardest right now?
Kinlaw: Probably my top 5, which is Clemson, South Carolina, Penn State, Virginia Tech, and N.C. State.

Today is the first day of in home visits, do you have any set up?
Kinlaw: Well actually Coach Burns just left my house. (laughing)

How did the visit with Coach Burns go?
Kinlaw: I thought it went really well. He talked to me mostly about the academics at Clemson and how they can help me academically. You know, the graduation rate and stuff like that.

I'm sure there are some more coaches on the way right?
Kinlaw: Yes sir, some coaches are coming from South Carolina tomorrow night.

Have you set up any official visits yet?
Kinlaw: Yes, I just set one to Clemson on January 10th. I'm thinking about taking one to Penn State this weekend.

What's going to be the most important thing to you in deciding on your school of choice?
Kinlaw: Well the athletics, the academics, and where I feel the most comfortable at really.

What are you looking at majoring in college?
Kinlaw: Sports Management.

Any idea on when you'll be looking to make a decision?
Kinlaw: Sometime really close to signing day. Probably sometime in late January after I take all of my official visits.

There's another guy you play with B.W. Yates, is he still be recruited by Clemson at this point?
Kinlaw: I'm not sure. I don't really discuss my recruiting that much with anyone.

We'd like to conclude by thanking Rodney for taking the time to speak with us. Mr. Kinlaw seems ready for the recruiting process now that his season came to an end this past weekend against Rock Hill.

Interestingly enough, Rodney's first scholarship offer came from the Clemson Tigers and Burton Burns some time ago, and while he didn't go record with a favorite, the Tigers seem to have a slight edge headed into the heart of December.

Kinlaw provides a nice combination of power and speed at the running back position, and he would certainly add some firepower in the backfield for 4 solid years, if he decided to come to Clemson. And in case you missed it, his latest time recorded in the 40-yard dash was a very impressive 4.35 seconds. Top Stories