BOWDEN: Tigers Prepare for Tough Terps

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden met with the media Monday after practice to preview Saturday's game against Maryland.


IS THE MENTALITY THE SAME FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE THIS WEEK IN REGARDS TO GETTING TOUGHER? Yeah I was just telling them we are fixing to see some power plays. The power play we ran last week against S.C. State where the backs are running downfield. Alabama ran it against us - backs going downhill and double teams. That's kind of what Maryland does. We'll go in full pads tomorrow and we are going to get after it. We'll run it tomorrow. You got to do it right now with our offensive line being young and our defense needed to improve with pad leverage.

LATEST ON DAVID SMITH: We'll talk about injuries on Thursday. That's the ACC rule. He's doubtful.

COULD LANDON WALKER START AT RIGHT TACKLE? I don't know yet. We'll probably get Hairston back. He's in green today. That would give us more flexibility inside.

WILL YOU WATCH MARYLAND ON OFFENSE? No I've just watched all defense so far. I probably will. I will probably watch the California game. I know they rushed for 200 something this week against Eastern Michigan.

DOES SCHEDULE HELP YOU THIS YEAR WITH THE WEEKS OFF? If you have injuries. Yes we are banged up. We might get Barry back or Rashaad back. If we get any more then it would help us. We need one. We are beat up.

HAS MARYLAND'S DEFENSE CHANGED A LOT SINCE LAST YEAR? They play a bunch of odd stack. They've changed it up from last year to this year. We aren't looking at a bunch of last year's tape. Same defensive coordinator with Cosh but it's an odd stack. That 3-3 stuff. They do some even stuff. They've got a lot of linebackers ... three linebackers and some support guys and they make a lot of plays. Defensive linemen don't make a lot of plays.

PUNTER STILL WEEK TO WEEK? Definitely week to week. They are punting pretty good. We'll keep that competition active.

HOW DID CULLEN LOOK TODAY? Looked good. Top Stories