Scott Rebuilding O-Line ... Again

CLEMSON - At this point it's starting to sound like a broken record but offensive line coach Brad Scott has some more moving around to do this week after the latest injury to David Smith.


With David Smith's injury how does your offensive line sort out this week?
Scott: Well, you know, I've got to get another left guard ready to go. I'll put Jamarcus [Grant] inside there and [Bobby] Hutchinson and [Ben] Ramsey has played a little bit in there. He played center early in the game and did fine. That's what we'll have to do. I don't think [Chris] Hairston will be ready to play. I mean, he's out there going through it a little bit. That's more than he's been doing. But, the tackles get a little bit thin too. I don't know who I'll end up starting so we'll wait until after Wednesday's practice and see who has done the best and make the call at left guard. It will be either Hutchinson or Grant.

If Hairston does come back, have you seen enough from Landon Walker to leave him at right tackle?
Scott: I'm not going to answer that. That wouldn't be fair to everybody else.

So you aren't optimistic on Hairston this week?
Scott: Not from what I saw tonight.

What about a time frame on David Smith?
Scott: Well a high-ankle [sprain] takes longer. And dog gone it, that was his best game yet. He was finally put together a good first half. By far his best effort. It looked like the light was coming on. And that's normal. That's what freshmen do. It takes about four games or so. David was about the fourth or fifth game and now he's hurt. He did well and played fast. I think it's two to three weeks. The Wake game may be a stretch so we'll see. Danny [Poole] said at least three weeks so ...

Would Jamarcus have the edge at left guard because of his experience?
Scott: Well that but Hutch is a pretty headsy player. Jamarcus makes mistakes in there and plays with high pads. I'm going to challenge him this week and see what happens. He had a good camp and then we had some injuries and had to move him but he hasn't dominated in there how he needs to be. Hutch is solid. He knows all his assignments and isn't going to make many mistakes. They are a team that plays between an odd and an even front. So we'll see how it works out.

Any updates on Barry Humphries?
Scott: Well the thing we have to remember about Barry, it's still a 50-50 deal if he's going to play this year. That kid is working hard in the weight room and he is doing everything. He loves to play football and finally has his game to a point where he feels like a player. He is running straight ahead and feels pretty strong but it's lateral movement. He won't know until he gets out there in pads. I'm hoping for Barry's sake and for the team he'll be back but I'm not counting on him to be back.

How is Wilson Norris progressing?
Scott: Better. He's behind in pass protection. His foot speed is getting a little better. His run blocking was good the other night. He got a holding call and usually that's because he wasn't moving his feet. His pass protection, he was way behind because he hadn't done it. But he's a tough kid and he doesn't give in. That's what I like. He's practicing way better than he was when he started. He's about where Cloy is at right now. We have to keep him ready because you never know. This is our third lineup in three weeks.

As thin as you are at tackle, if you needed a No. 2 left tackle, would do you the same thing with Landon Walker you did with Cory Lambert by moving him over there and play somebody else at right?
Scott: That's probably the next scenario. Jamal Medlin, he's worked at guard and tackle. He's been around and knows the plays. He would be a guy that would go in the ball game and you wouldn't worry about missed assignments. Which you get more with McClain right now. McClain does some things good but is still sorting it out. I don't know if I'd go with Medlin or McClain. Certainly McClain has a lot of upside, but like this week, they play up to three different fronts. Each front has a different set of blitzes.

How is Landon Walker progressing?
Scott: Walker has done really well. I think he played his best game by far the other day. He's comfortable and played a little tougher. His pass sets were much better than the first game. He's not playing so over-extended. I think his confidence is coming. He's playing faster. That's what held him back before- he was just so lethargic. So slow in getting started and making his moves. It comes with playing and comes with confidence. He's done a good job over there and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds when the other tackle is back.

Didn't Smith come back in the game after suffering one injury?
Scott: Well he hurt his right ankle. Then they got that one calmed down. Then he went back in there on goal line and it is actually his left ankle that had the left sprain. So he hurt his right one, then his left one got messed up pretty good. He was mixing it up. He had seven knockdown blocks on 27 snaps. I gave him the blocker of the week award this week. He was the best lineman when he was in there. There was such improvement this week ... of just little things in his technique. His target, where his hat goes, his second step, placement was so much better. As a coach that's very rewarding because you see the difference in his results when he does the right thing. I think for a youngster, he says, 'wow that wasn't that hard.' He'll do fine when he gets back. Just unfortunate he had the big toe injury and then he got behind. Top Stories