BOWDEN: Two More Injured

CLEMSON - Tommy Bowden met with the media following Wednesday afternoon's practice as No. 19 Clemson continues preparations for Atlantic Division rival Maryland.


DID YOU HAVE TWO MORE INJURIES YESTERDAY? Yes. Antwon Murchison and Jamarcus Grant. We also got nothing out Stanley Hunter, Kavell Conner, Chris Hairston. We are beat up. As beat up as I can remember. Georgia Tech a few years ago we were beat up. Right now our team, where we need work is up front. Unless you put full pads on you can't work on leverage and low pads and technique and things. We had to hit yesterday. As you can see, we took the shoulder pads off today. We are just too beat up.

HOW MUCH DEEPER CAN YOU GO ON THE LINE NOW WITH ALL THE INJURIES? We'll have to be real creative on offense. Moving the pocket, play-action, reverses. We'll have to be real creative. If we could just get some continuity. Because of the calls, combination blocks, feeling pressure. When to rub off- that's what you miss when you have injuries up there.

WILL GRANT AND MURCHISON PLAY SATURDAY? We'll have an injury report Thursday. Murchison is the only guy in yellow.

DOESN'T IT HURT TO TOUGHEN YOUR TEAM UP WITH SO MANY INJURIES? Well yeah, because you can't hit. But toughness, y'all have used that word more than me. I've used improved and stuff like that. I read toughness a whole bunch. We are a fairly tough team- we weren't the first game. But I think it was more attitude than toughness. We just didn't show up. I don't know if I agree with the toughness aspect. Can we get better? Yes. I've read toughness a whole bunch but I don't know if I agree with that. Top Stories