Spiller Talks QBs, Maryland Defense

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com checks in C.J. Spiller to get his thoughts on the quarterback situation, the Maryland defense and much more in this 1-on-1 interview.

Junior running back C.J. Spiller continues to have a productive season in 2008 as he currently leads the Tigers in all-purpose yardage with 546 yards in four games.

CUTigers.com spoke with Spiller earlier this week about a number of topics, including Clemson's quarterback situation in this 1-on-1 interview:

C.J. we are going to anoint you the team spokesperson today so we can get your thoughts on a number of key positions on offense. First off the offensive line- it seems like you guys took another positive step in the right direction last week and that the younger players are starting to look better. Am I right in saying that?
Spiller: Oh yes. Plus this week we'll get Chris Hairston back and that should help us out a lot. The young guys took a lot of heat last week because everybody was saying we were starting three freshmen and that we would struggle but they proved people wrong. It's too bad about David Smith because he looked great on film until he went down to ankle injury. Once we get everybody back healthy I think we'll be fine as a team.

I know you aren't oblivious to the fact Cullen Harper has been under some scrutiny the last couple of weeks and that the fans want to see at least a glimpse of Willy Korn on game day. How do you think Cullen handles that week in and week out?
Spiller: I think Cullen is dealing with everything perfectly fine to be honest. He comes to practice every day and works hard. He is making sure everybody is giving 110 percent like we all ask of each other and he's going about his business. The outside pressure doesn't bother him. Never has. We all know that.

You see Cullen and Willy every day in practice, do you see a lot of separation between those two guys throwing the ball?
Spiller: I'm not the quarterbacks coach. I'm only in there with Cullen so I couldn't really tell you. You'd have to ask Coach Spence. All I know he's our starting quarterback and he'll continue to be our starting quarterback unless Coach Spence comes up with something different.

Let's talk about Maryland for a second ... you've played these guys a couple of times now and have seen them extensively on film this week. What do you think about their defense?
Spiller: Well you have to take those tough yards against Maryland. They are very athletic at linebacker and they are very big up front. Their secondary is pretty fast. We know this is going to be a physical game for us and that's what we are preparing for.

Typically speaking can you mark this down as one of the more physical teams on our schedule year in and year out?
Spiller: Yes sir I'd say that's true. They always are. Wake Forest and Florida State are up there. All ACC teams we play seem to get more physical for us so we expect that. We just have to be ready to counter-punch with our play and also be physical.

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