Tigers Get Back to Work

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden met with the media Tuesday after practice to talk about the off-week and more.


You said yesterday there weren't going to be in sweeping changes, what about minor changes this week?
Bowden: We have minor things every week. Personnel and game plan. Every week we have minor changes.

Is there something you are considering right now after a game like that?
Bowden: Reverses, special plays. Option- we are going to add that this week. [joking] Add option to our offense. I tell y'all you put in the paper and then they prepare for it.

What about personnel changes with an off-week this week?
Bowden: Yeah there are some personnel. I'll see if the coach wants to [talk about it]. They involve a position. We are looking at some personnel changes. I'll talk to him tomorrow and see if he wants to get into yet. I'll let him expand on it but yeah we are looking at personnel changes.

What gives you confidence you can come back again this year like you've done it before?
Bowden: I guess because we did it in the past. Last year we were 2-2 in the conference and we came back and played for it all right here. Two years ago Wake Forest had to practice after losing a conference game. Same thing with B.C. last year. You've got to come out and go to work and the only thing you can do right now is go out and win the next one.

What was the overall mood of your team today?
Bowden: A little down. It's pretty typical. 12 years I've been a head coach it's a little more somber on Mondays. I know it's not Monday but it was a Monday practice.

How do you motivate your guys right now- try to crack the whip or build them back up?
Bowden: Well, you know, we try to correct the mistakes. That's what you do the first practice after a win or a loss. You come out and correct the mistakes. Attention to detail on offense with penalties. An assignment or two on defense. Or a reverse assignment. That's constant. Correct the mistake. Yes there is more motivation after a loss compared to a win. With a win you have to bring them down, with a loss you have to bring them up.

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