BOWDEN: OL Tinkering Continues

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden talks about practice, including a new move on the offensive line.


CAN YOU TALK ABOUT ANY OF THE PERSONNEL CHANGES YOU'VE MADE: We are doing a little experimenting on the offensive line. I'll let Brad talk about that. [Cory Lambert is now practicing as a left guard as well as a tackle with Landon Walker solidifying the right tackle spot] I'll let him expand on that.

DO YOU MISS PLAY CALLING AT ALL?: No. Why do you think Spurrier is getting rid of it and [Mark] Richt is getting rid of it? There are so many other things to do. I did it for a long time, probably until I got Mark's age. I guess you get so involved with the other aspects of your job. You just don't have time. There is so much more academically [to consider] off the field and discipline. You better be on top of your P's and Q's. I haven't missed it that much.


HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT BOBBY HUTCHINSON? He was solid. He's got some limitations and all you can do with a player like that is ask to give 100 percent effort which he did. That's all you can ask of him. But we are happy he came back because he can play center or guard and he knows what he is doing up there. The objective at any position [on the offensive line] is to get your best five out there. That's why we are doing some experimenting. He's not one of the top five in terms of vertical jump, strength, movement and agility ... no? Knowledge? Yes.

DO YOU HAVE A BETTER SENSE AFTER A COUPLE OF PRACTICES ABOUT HOW THIS TEAM WILL RESPOND? If past history, they have responded pretty good but this is a different team. This is a different group of seniors. They were juniors last year and they did most of the leading last year. Don't know but I have a little bit of an idea based on last year because they all played.

HAS ANY PLAYER JUMPED OUT FROM A LEADERSHIP PERSPECTIVE SINCE SATURDAY? You know ... they may have told me somebody stood up in the dressing room [Saturday]. Thomas Austin spoke to the team yesterday without the coaches. A player's only meeting. James Davis and Cullen Harper both stood up and said something after the game, I was told. I wasn't in there.

HAS THIS TEAM HAD GOOD LEADERSHIP SO FAR? Yes. Really have. Most of them were here last year. They are in a different position. They are all trying to do really really good. This is their last shot. As a junior, you always have one more year. There is more pressure on them this year.This is a little bigger burden this year. Top Stories