Tigers Looking to Turn the Corner

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com sat down with James Davis this week in another 1-on-1 interview to get his thoughts on playing in Groves Stadium, his talk with the team after the Maryland game and much more!

Senior running back James Davis had his 14th career 100-yard rushing game against Maryland on September 27 and now needs just one more100-yard rushing game to tie Raymond Priester's career record of 15 set between 1994-97.

Priester is also Clemson's career rushing leader with 3966 yards and Davis is second with 3505, meaning Davis needs 462 to break the career mark.

Earlier this week CUTigers.com sat down with J.D. for a 1-on-1 interview to preview Thursday's game against No. 21 Wake Forest:

James how did the off-week go for you and this team?
Davis: Everything is going good. I'm feeling pretty good. You can tell everybody is ready to go. Wake Forest went up in the rankings and that's always a good thing. But we are ready to play this game after having sat on this loss to Maryland for almost two weeks.

We know that you and Cullen said something to the team after the Maryland game ... what did you have to say at such an emotional time?
Davis: Basically just that it's not over. We've still got a chance. We have to do everything we can to win games from here on out. We have to do whatever we can to win out.

What is the talk, or the mood, in the locker room right now?
Davis: I think guys are relaxed. We haven't talked about the Maryland loss too much. I mean, we saw Virginia beat Maryland the way they did and we were like, on my God. They didn't even score a touchdown or anything. But I think Maryland will still probably prove to be a good team. We haven't talked about the loss much. We are just ready to move on from that and turn the corner.

With Virginia beating Maryland the way it did, does that motivate you more as a team? Is it embarrassing?
Davis: It doesn't make us feel anything. Me personally, I think they overlooked Virginia. That's just my opinion but I think they will still end up proving to be a good team.

You guys won your last game at Groves Stadium two years ago but since Jim Grobe took over there it's been a struggle whenever Clemson has traveled there. Why is that?
Davis: I've been watching a lot of film on Wake Forest. I think we are two evenly matched teams. They've got a good defense. They really haven't given up a lot of big plays. The only big plays really they've given up was against us last year. So we need to do a great job of sticking with our game plan and doing whatever we can to win this game. I'm not going to lie, this is a Thursday night game and we are probably not good playing on Thursday night. I think we are very prepared, especially after the week off. We are definitely ready. We've had time to sit on this loss against Maryland. Going into this game, we are going to be ready.

What is it like playing at Groves Stadium? Is there something about it that makes you guys not play as well as you do the rest of the year in previous seasons?
Davis: It's really not a very loud stadium, but the fans are right there on top of you and you hear their fans right behind you. Especially if you are losing the game, people are saying all kinds of stuff. But going up there, I think we've been pretty successful but it just seems like we get down early. So we've got to stay focused. The seniors have to do a great job of talking to everybody and keeping the leadership going on the sideline with a lot of intensity to make sure that doesn't happen.

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