4-Star OT Plans Clemson Official

Led by assistant coach Dabo Swinney the Tigers have enjoyed tremendous success recruiting the state of Alabama in recent years. This year is no different.

OT/DT Brandon Moore Profile

Four-star standout Brandon Moore has Carver High School (Ala.) off to a perfect start on the 2008 season.

"It is going alright so far," he told CUTigers.com in a recent interview. "We are 6-0 right now. We are making another run for the playoffs.

"I am playing mostly offense. We are running the ball pretty well. I am not playing a lot of defense right now."

Moore said he's been to one college game so far this year, visiting the Auburn Tigers.

"I went to the Auburn game against LSU. It was alright. Everybody was drunk, but it was okay," he said. "I haven't got my officials setup yet. I know I will probably take one to Florida, one to Miami, one to Clemson and one to Tennessee."

Will Alabama get an official visit?

"I have been to Alabama about 20 times. I don't need to take an official visit there. I will use them on schools that I haven't seen and aren't so close to home," replied Moore.

Coach Swinney is working hard to keep the Tigers in the mix.

"I actually talked to coach Swinney on Sunday. He told me about how their season is going. He talked to me about how he got C.J. Spiller to come to Clemson from Florida. He also talked about some of the guys he has gotten from Alabama to come to Clemson," said Moore.

When asked about his current leaders, Moore responded, "I really don't have any leaders. Alabama, Auburn, Miami, Florida and Clemson are near the top because they are winners and because of their football history."

Don't expect a decision from the Alabama standout until 2009.

"I will wait until after the season to take my official visits. Then I will make my decision," said Moore.

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