5 Questions for Dabo Swinney

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com presents five questions for new interim head coach Dabo Swinney.

#5. Who calls the plays?
Will Rob Spence still call the plays or will Dabo Swinney be more "hands on" than Tommy Bowden? Something obviously needs to change with the play-calling, but does Swinney have the experience or the time now as the interim head coach to handle those duties?

#4. What will he do differently?
Obviously something has to be done on offense. ... Will Swinney be more involved even if he doesn't call the plays? What about defense? Will he attempt any moves on the defensive side of the ball?

#3. Will Korn still stay the starting quarterback this weekend against Georgia Tech?
Tommy Bowden made the announcement Friday afternoon and the thought was that would buy him more time. Will Swinney stick with that decision? And what about the comments Harper made to ESPN.com earlier today? Does that factor into this decision at all?

#2. Will he have the authority to make any coaching changes himself with the staff?
Again, will Swinney have the authority as the interim head coach to make assistant coaching changes? Can he change the responsibility of any of his head coaches and will Jeff Scott move into his old role as the wide receivers coach?

#1. Will he make any significant personnel changes?
Again, it goes back to Korn but has Swinney seen anything in practice that would warrant another change that maybe Bowden didn't see?

Some of the answers to these questions will be discovered today at the 5 PM press conference.

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