BOWDEN: The Last Press Conference

CLEMSON - Former Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden talks about the events of today.


"Terry Don approached me this morning and we both agreed this was probably the best solution for the program at this time. Clemson has been very good to me and my family. Both of my children have degrees from here. I'm very appreciative of the opportunity Clemson gave me and the support the administration gave me while I was here. I also want to thank the players and the coaches that worked so hard. I wish them nothing but success and that I will be their biggest fan on Saturday."

He's represented this university in a positive fashion. This is a difficult time when you go through changes like this. Again, I want to reemphasize my greatest respect for Coach Bowden. I do want to clear something up. Coach Bowden was not fired. I wanted to elaborate on how this transpired.

This has, of course been a difficult year because of the losses and the expectations we have with the program. The weekend was a difficult weekend. Early this morning, I came in, and I normally don't beat Tommy in often, but I did this morning and I felt like it was important that we sit down and visit with regards to our program and where it currently is and where our goals are. Quite frankly, we can still will the conference. We can still got to the Orange Bowl. But as we talked about the program, it was Coach Bowden that put this on the table. He said, in looking at things with the cloud over the program, we've got recruiting issues, we've got morale issues. There just comes a time where we have to set aside. He put that on the table, discussed that. He made the offer. He stepped aside. He made the offer. I accepted the offer for the good of the program. He put it on the table. Top Stories