Harper Answers Tough Questions

CLEMSON - Second-team quarterback Cullen Harper answered some tough questions Monday.

What are your thoughts about what happened today?
Harper: This business is about producing. It's unfortunate but we have to rally around Coach Swinney and I think he has everybody's practice.

You were quoted on ESPN with some pretty bad things regarding to Coach Bowden?
Harper: No, that was out of context. It was never intended to be like that. You'd never wish that on anybody. Coach Bowden- he's one of the reasons I'm at Clemson. That was taken out of context?

Did Coach Swinney talk about the quarterback situation?
Harper: Yeah we discussed it. Willy is still going to start this week. They want to give him the chance to start or something. He just told me to be ready. I'll be in there and support everybody but I'll be ready to play.

Do you feel like you'll have a better chance to get the starting spot back with Swinney being the head coach?
Harper: Yeah. And I felt like I would have anyways. I'm a competitor and I want to compete for the starting position. And, when given the opportunity I'm going to do my best to get that back.

What was the mood out there tonight?
Harper: It was pretty upbeat. Coach Swinney is an enthusiastic guy and that really rubbed off on other people. Thought it was a good first practice considering the circumstances. Everybody was upbeat and it was a good practice.

What would you think if Coach Swinney was named the permanent head coach after the season?
Harper: I think that would be great. Just as a position coach, he's a guy who you have respect for. He makes it fun and enjoyable. He's got your back. He's one of the up and coming coaches.

Who is calling the plays?
Harper: Coach Swinney and Coach Napier. That's a little bit different but it's a good thing because Coach Napier played quarterback in college. He's working with the quarterbacks now. He knows what it's like and how we feel back there.

Is there any difference from what you can tell in the play-calling?
Harper: There's a little bit of a difference. I don't want to say anything until Saturday. But yes it's a little bit different.

Was a change in play calling needed?
Harper: I thought Coach Spence was in a tough position and he did a great job under the pressure and under the circumstances. We were having problems at a lot of positions. Bottom line is we weren't getting it done. But Coach Swinney is bringing a new mix with some different kind of play calls so that will be good.

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