Korn Weighs In

CLEMSON - Ever since last Friday he's been the center of attention at Clemson ... until today. Starting quarterback Willy Korn weighs in with his thoughts on the coaching change, Clemson's new offense and much more in this report.

Who could have imagined a week ago that everything that has happened at Clemson in the last seven days ... has happened?

Think about it for a second:

A new starting quarterback.

A new quarterbacks coach.

A change at offensive coordinator.

And a new head coach - all announced in the span of just 72 hours.

And all will be unveiled Saturday against ACC rival Georgia Tech no less.

For new starting quarterback Willy Korn, a lot is on the table when he takes to the field shortly after noon Saturday in Death Valley.

Outside of making his first career start, chances are he'll be running a few new plays while digesting the play-calling style of a combination of new interim head coach Dabo Swinney and new quarterbacks coach Billy Napier.

"We are going to go with Willy Korn," Swinney said. "That's one of the things I told the players today. This is a game of performance, not potential. I always say, if you are the best guy, be the best guy. Take your opportunity. The film does not lie. If you aren't, we'll make a change.

"We are going to go with Willy Korn and I have every confidence in the world he can do the job."

Korn told CUTigers.com Monday evening the new offense is based on the same terminology used under former offensive coordinator Rob Spence, but hinted there could be a new wrinkle or two unveiled Saturday against the Yellow Jackets.

"It's the same type of offense," Korn said. "It's the same terminology. We are going to try and help out our offensive line anyway we can. We are still pretty banged up up front right now. That really hasn't changed.

"Coach Swinney is essentially calling the plays for the most part, and Coach Napier is also working with me and helping Coach Swinney."

Korn also talked extensively about the team's meeting with former head coach Tommy Bowden earlier in the day, which turned out to be emotional for many on the team.

"He said he met with Terry Don Phillips and they both wanted to do what is best for the program and they both came to a mutual agreement that it's best for the program for him to move on," Korn said.

"The players love Coach Bowden. He's a great person. That's why everybody in the locker room that's why we came here because he recruited us and offered us a scholarship."

And now the question that looms for the rest of the week ... what happens now?

Believe it or not, it will be somewhat business as usual the next couple of days ... sort of.

The Clemson coaching staff was working late Monday evening, almost in a scramble, to prepare for Georgia Tech.

With several new staff members taking on different roles for the first time today, primarily Swinney and Napier handling play-calling and game-planning, anything and everything could be on the table when it comes to Clemson's offense Saturday.

But the team will practice just as it normally does Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In addition, the normal Tuesday press conference with Clemson's head coach has been cancelled as the staff focuses in on its new responsibilities.

Korn added he expected the circus type atmosphere on campus Monday to quickly die down.

"You can't let it become a distraction, but once we wake up tomorrow morning, I mean, the circus will be over," he said. "We've got what we have in place. Coach Swinney is the head coach. Coach Napier is my position coach and we aren't going to let it affect us."

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