Tigers Go to Three-Point Stance

CLEMSON - It's a piece of news that Clemson fans will be jumping in the streets after hearing.

Believe it, the Tigers have been practicing in a three-point stance this week in preparing for Georgia Tech this weekend.

Previously the offensive line was exclusively in a two-point stance under former offensive coordinator Rob Spence.

"Me and Coach Scott talked about it," interim head coach Dabo Swinney told CUTigers.com Tuesday evening. "He's kind of always coached that way. And I have a lot of respect for him. It's kind of my background too. Technically you can do everything from a two-point stance but sometimes you put your hand down in that dirt.

"You can get be more potent and get more punch off the ball."

In theory, the three-point stance could allow for the offensive line to get more leverage, particularly on running plays.

Clemson has struggled establishing the run in two of its three losses this season against Alabama and Wake Forest, rushing for a combined 21 yards in both games, including zero yards against the Crimson Tide.

"The guards are doing three-point stances. And the tackles are doing a little bit of it," Thomas Austin told CUTigers.com after Tuesday's practice. "Coach Scott wanted to look at it today and see if there is a difference in our pad level.

"The biggest thing is making it consistent in a three-point stance as far as passing the ball and running the ball and having that looking the same. Hopefully we'll be doing it a little bit this week against Georgia Tech."

Right tackle Landon Walker also confirmed the move is primarily with the inside three on the line [which is essentially the guards because the center hikes the football].

"I think it's something that later in the game, when you are tired it's easy to get your pad level high because you can stay low on our hips," he said.

"I think it helps you get more power off the ball. The inside three are working it most every single play. Coach wants to see it on film. It's an experiment so hopefully it will turn out good.

"I'll do it when the tight end is lined up beside me so we'll see how it goes."

When asked if he could hear the fans jumping for joy in the streets of Clemson united after they learned the news, Swinney responded with a laugh, "Hopefully the best way to unite the fan base is to go out there and play well. We can stand our dad gum head, but if we don't play good that's not going to unite anybody."

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