Stockstill Visits 4-Star Receiver

Ryan Gilliam, considered by most experts to be one of the top wide receiver/cornerbacks in the country, had Coach Stockstill stop by Lincoln High School earlier today. Details on that meeting as well Gilliam's contact with Buddy Williams are contained in this report.

Lincoln High School's Ryan Gilliam is one of several division I-A prospects playing for one of Tallahassee's top high school football programs. caught up with Gilliam late Thursday to get his thoughts on his senior season and his recruitment.

How did your senior season finish up?
Gilliam: Well it's not over, we have the national game of the week tomorrow night against Palm Bay. It's still going on strong right now, we are undefeated and we are going for another state championship. This will be my third one playing here once we win.

Do you have all of your official visits nailed down yet?
Gilliam: I've got Illinois set up for the 13th December, as you Clemson on the 10th of January, I've got Florida on January 17th, the 24th of January is Tennessee, and the 31st is Florida State.

You were scheduled to go to Oregon weren't you?
Gilliam: I was scheduled to go to Oregon on December 13th and I was scheduled to Georgia on the 24th. But Georgia and Oregon both changed.

Was that by your choice?
Gilliam: Yeah. I haven't talked any coaches or seen any coaches but my mom has and she's kind of weeded out Oregon, that's a long ways a way you know. Georgia is where my brother is at and everyone already knows about that.

Has Clemson been in contact with your regularly?
Gilliam: Yeah pretty much every week.

Which coaches have been in contact with you from Clemson?
Gilliam: Coach Stock. As a matter of fact, he was by my high school today. I shook his hand but I really didn't talk to him much other than introducing myself.

Why is that, becuase he's a coach?
Gilliam: Like I said, I haven't been talking to any coaches period because I'm trying to stay focused on myself and Antonio Cromartie, we just want to stay focused on the team right now and playing football here.

What about Buddy Williams? Do you keep in touch with him at all at Clemson?
Gilliam: Yeah, I talk to him. We are pretty good friends and we talk. He's actually hosting me when I come up there in January.

Will that be a factor for you when deciding on a school?
Gilliam: Yes sir, definitely. We were in the same secondary for two years and he's a good friend of mine. I'm still playing with his brother right now. His brother starts at strong safety for us. Me and Buddy-Ro we go back.

When will you be looking to make a verbal commitment?
Gilliam: I've got to take all five of my visits before I decide. Nothing will be decided probably until the 3rd or the 4th of February, but at the same token I owe to the schools to at least do that. I want to see what's out there and then I'll probably decide a few days before February 5th. (signing day) I'll sit down with my family and my parents and that kind of stuff and make a good decision.

Wide receiver or cornerback in college
Gilliam: I want to play football, wherever my team needs me to play. If they want me to line up at split guard and I'll get out there. (laughing) I don't know what I'll do when I get there, but I'll get out there!

We'd like to conclude by thanking Ryan for taking the time to speak with us. The 4-star wide receiver/cornerback has a great head on his shoulders, and after hearing about his focus on his senior season, and the pride he takes in playing the game, it's no wonder why he has the top schools in the country in hot pursuit.

Gillaim stressed that having Buddy Williams in Clemson would be a significant factor in his recruitment. He mentioned that on more than one occasion and he also emphasized that Coach Stock was his main recruiter. Wouldn't it be nice to start a pipeline to Lincoln High School? Stay tuned. Top Stories