J.K. Jay has a Message for Tiger Fans

The announcement of the Tommy Bowden's departure rocked the Palmetto state Monday, and the impact was felt hard by several of Clemson's verbal commitments.

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One of those prospects was four-star offensive lineman J.K. Jay, who has been verbally committed to Clemson for the last 18 months.

"We are just 17 and 18 year old kids. It is hard for the recruits to not get wrapped up in their emotions," Jay told CUTigers.com. "We just need to think of the reasons we selected Clemson in the first place. We love the university, the people and the atmosphere."

The Christ Church standout hopes coach Swinney will be the head coach next year.

"Coach Swinney is a great man. I go to church with him. I hope they win out and he is the coach next year," said Jay.

Jay said fans should remember how important this decision is for prospects.

"I hope fans understand that we are only 17 and 18 years old. We are making a huge life decision. It is normal to have concerns. If a recruit wants to take visits they shouldn't bash him. They don't want players to come to Clemson if their heart is not there," said Jay.

Jay also said the change at the top was somewhat unfortunate, but that he wasn't necessarily surprised it happened.

"I expected it to happen if the season went the way it did," he said. "I hate to see coach Bowden go. He is a great man. God has a plan for all of this. He is painting on a canvas much bigger than what we are seeing right now."

Monday evening the Palmetto state standout had a chance to talk with Clemson offensive line coach Brad Scott.

"I spoke with coach Scott. He has my best intentions in mind. He is much more than a football coach to me. We are very close," said Jay.

"I am still committed to Clemson. I need to remember the reasons I selected Clemson. I love Clemson. I love my church up there. I love all of the friends on the team."

J.K.'s faith will help the powerful lineman find the right home.

"My main commitment is to God. I am going to be faithful to him. His plan is better than anything I can come up with. Where he takes my heart is where I will go," said Jay.

The prize recruit had one final message for Tiger nation.

"Tell the fans I am still the leader of this class and we are going to pull it together," said Jay.

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