SWINNEY: Goes In-depth on Offense

CLEMSON - Interim head coach Dabo Swinney met with the media Wednesday as the Tigers continue to prepare for ACC rival Georgia Tech.


Is there a good chance, with C.J. Spiller out, that Jamie Harper will get to play signficant snaps on offense for the first time this year?
Swinney: Oh yeah. There's better than a chance, it's a certainty. He's going to ... unless he rolls his ankle walking off the bus or something he's going to play a lot. Looking forward to seeing him play. You've got two good backs like James and C.J. and he came in with high expectations as a highly-touted recruit. Had a great preseason camp. It's just sometimes it's hard because there is just one ball. But we are going to cut him loose Saturday and see how he reacts to his first significant playing time instead of just ending games.

Are you still tweaking the offensive line?
Swinney: I'm going to talk to coach Scott in the morning and go over personnel. Feel pretty good right now. Cloy, we think, is going to be able to go. He's playing left and right [guard]. McClain is playing in there at right. Humphries is still kind of an uncertainty as well too. He's trying to go. He's trying to push through. We are asking him to really go yesterday and today. It would be great to get him in the mix. Other than that, we are in pretty good shape with Thomas and Hairston.

Sounds like Cullen has been practicing well this week? Could this be a game where you re-re-evaluate the quarterback position at halftime?
Swinney: We could re-evaluate at any time at any position. We are going to play the best guy. Willy Korn has earned the right to get this opportunity. He has practiced really well this week. Cullen hasn't settled at all. He's not happy at all. He's got an edge about him as far as his practicing. Willy is pulling for Cullen and Cullen is pulling for Willy and that's a great thing. We've got two great players there. I think Willy will do a great job. I think Cullen will get another opportunity on down the road. Sometimes it's good to get another prospective. Willy Korn is going in and I'm excited to see No. 3 cut loose.

How is the play-calling divided up between you and Billy Napier?
Swinney: Everything will go through me. It's going to be my decision. Everything we do. That's just how it is. I'm 100 percent for what happens on the field offensively. I'm excited about it. He's going to be my eyes upstairs. Jeff Scott and those guys will do an awesome job. We do that already anyway. I've got a good feeling about where we are. It would be nice if we didn't have a ballgame this week. We've got a good game plan in place. Those guys have done an awesome job of staying on task and being organized. I like our plan. I like what we are doing and hopefully the kids will execute our game plan.

Will you script plays?
Swinney: Yeah. We'll script. I don't want to say [how deep]. We'll have a significant script. We may script 10 plays for example. We may have five third down plays. There are certain things I want to make sure we get done to get some better information. Plus send messages. Plus hopefully create some uncertainty on their end concerning how they are going defend us.

Is it something where as a receivers coach you thought you were working hard but now you are the head coach and you are really working hard?
Swinney: That's exactly ... that's a very good question. I told my wife, "I just thought I was busy." It's been unbelievable. It will get better. What has been real heartwarming for me? I tell everybody I will call you back. I probably have 150 people I need to call back. And emails and text messages. I'll get back to everybody as best as I can. Just the genuine happiness. Friends from the third grade. People have had a real sincere happiness. That's been the most overwhelming thing to be honest. The support.

What is it like for guys like Jeff Scott and Mike Dooley moving from a GA position to an assistant coaching position?
Swinney: They are excited. They are doing a great job. It's a big break for them to prove they can handle a Division I job. They are working it hard. It's a big jump to get in there to motivate and make sure it's all done right. They are all excited. Daric [Riley] and Mike Dooley and Jeff Scott. That's an awesome group of guys. That's one thing I'm really lucky about. For an opportunity like this to have the people surrounding me like Brad Scott, Vic and David [Blackwell]. Tim Bourret and Andy Johnston.

If this were a normal opponent, with the urgency of a normal week, do you just leave it to Vic to do everything on defense or are you involved?
Swinney: Oh I'm involved. I'm supporting them and encouraging them. Talking about important it is do what you are coached to do. Because it's critical. Otherwise it's a house-call. I sat in every defensive meeting today. I sat in with the defensive backs. The linebackers and the defensive line. The defensive line smells the most funky. It's bad.

This is a monster this Georgia Tech team because of their unorthodox style?
Swinney: You do the wrong thing with your eyes the wrong time, it's a big play. If you are a corner and you get undisciplined in man coverage, it's wide open. They only through it eight or nine or 10 time s or more a game but they are big plays. But I've been impressed because guys are really enthused and are practicing hard. One guy making sure he's not letting 10 down.

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