Wednesday with Vic

CLEMSON - Remember that team from Atlanta coming into town this weekend? Vic Koenning sure does.

Do you watch a lot of Navy film to find tendancies, etc. of Paul Johnson?
Koenning: We've got two years of Navy film and all of Georgia Tech's games this year. I didn't go to Georgia Southern's film. That's too far back.

There's a reason why people don't run this offense, isn't there?
Koenning: Yeah. I couldn't imagine trying to recruit this offense. You recruit guys to fit to your offense. If you are a great quarterback, you don't want to go there. If you are a great receiver you don't want to go there. I'm not trying to be ugly but they are only going to throw the ball 15 times a game.

If you are an offensive lineman ... if you want to be in the NFL, you don't go there. I'm just repeating what a pro scout told me today. I'm repeating verbatim what he told me today. Not being critical. It's a headache for everybody they play. During a season it's likely impossible to prepare in a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday practice environment. Like most teams in our conference, they did a lot of game planning in the summer and pull it out and say this is what we are planning on doing this week.

You look at the games they are playing this year and see if anything has worked or not work and just go on. You just can't simulate it in practice- the speed of the meshes. I know from playing against Air Force that was the hardest thing. The first couple of drives of the game are usually nightmares because they are so much faster- the mesh point and the way guys get on your legs and things like that. I was hoping he would have gone to SMU.

Is that about your defense being extremely disciplined to defend this kind of offense?
Koenning: With our guys that's saying a lot. We are doing the best we can and that forces you to be extremely simple and not be able to take advantage of certain things. Forces you to be extremely vanilla and forces you to have a defense with a lot of eyes back.

It's hard to do certain things to out-number them without playing bucket loads for man coverage. You play man, then one guy slips and falls down and another misses his read it's a big play. So you have all those dilemmas and all those anxieties.

You seem to be more like your old self today compared to the last couple of days. Would that be accurate?
Koenning: Absolutely heart-wrenched. I said to one of my best friends in the whole world, sometimes in practice you have to go out and win an Academy award. If you've got problems at home, or all of your retirement is gone, or this or that, you can't go out there and give less than everything you've got. Even though your heart may be broken, or things aren't how you want them to be in the rest of your life, you have a job to do and you have an obligation to the school and the players.

You know I had a recruit last night made an obligation to me. That reminded me of that we have an obligation to our players. That's the bond you search for when you are hunting players to come play football for your school. Top Stories