Dabo Swinney Teleconference

Interim head coach Dabo Swinney met with the media Monday afternoon. When asked if he saw the holding call on 4th-and-12 at the end of the game, Swinney said, "Well I'm still looking. I've got to watch it some more times here but I'm working on that."

IS THERE CONCERN AFTER THE FIRST GAME THAT YOU COULD LOSE EMOTIONAL MOMENTUM? No. Not at all. In fact I hope it's just the opposite. I hope they look at the film and see the improvement they made in a lot of areas and I hope there will be even more excitement. I don't worry about that all.

YOU SAID SATURDAY YOUR TEAM SHOWED IMPROVEMENT - WHERE DID YOU SEE THAT MOST? I just thought we played as a team. I thought we played with passion. Maybe less robotic. Guys just seemed to be flying around defensively. They were swarming to the ball. Offensively they played with a lot more purpose. Cullen made some big plays for us. I was pleased with the young guys up front and we got a little bit better. We were much closer as a team and that's a start.

ISN'T THIS TEAM TO THE POINT THOUGH SCOREBOARD: No question. Let me tell you something. Losing will never be accepted with me or at Clemson. That's the bottom line. My comment Saturday, was simply, I just felt like those kids with what they had been through. There was no way I was going to allow those kids to be called losers. We did a lot of little things done. You have to accomplish a lot of little things done to get to the big things. The "w's" is what I will be judged by professionally.

WHAT DID CULLEN SHOW YOU AND WHY DID YOU ALREADY NAME HIM THE STARTER AT QB?: As far as Cullen coming in, he had some fire to him. Some zip on the ball. He made some plays with his legs which he hadn't been doing. He played with a sense of purposed. Willy is probably out this week with a bone bruise. I wouldn't be surprised to see us play both. We'll get 'em both some practice. I know Cullen will be back tomorrow. I don't know when Willy we back.

SO YOU AREN'T AFRAID TO USE A TWO QB SYSTEM?Not at all. I think we have to win now but we also have to prepare for the future and they both bring to the table. We had a lot of things in for Willy that went out the window when he got hurt I was proud of how Willy performed in the short time he had. He's going to get better and better.

SO THIS WEEK IT SEEMS LIK IT SHOULD BE MORE ABOUT THE NUTS AND BOLTS AS OPPOSED TO UNIFYING EVERYBODY? Oh yeah. We improved last week. But there was a nuclear bomb that went through here a week ago. Total chaos through the halls. There was division here. My No. 1 objective was to bring this football team together as a team. I was very pleased with what I saw. This football team is absolutely closer now than it was this time last week. They've got there eyes back to playing football. The passion they played with ... the pride. I want them to understand that we need to embrace the traditions here. We need to love each other and have our eyes on the bigger picture and I think we accomplished.

WHAT WAS THE SOURCE OF THAT DIVISION? The main division was the head football coach got let go. These kids were all recruited by Tommy Bowden. These are 18 to 22 year old young men. You care about people, then all of a sudden you come in and things aren't the way they've been. The head coach is gone. People are saying things and there is a lot of uncertainty. My objective was to bring some calmness and sanity and develop some normalcy. The way I thought to do that was to embrace these kids. And to unite this fan base and get the support of the players. It has nothing to do with me or the coaches. They can run us out of the building tomorrow. This is about the players.

SO DO YOU GET THE SENSE THIS IS ALREADY MORE OF NORMAL WEEK? Oh yeah. We had obviously a crazy week. I took yesterday and kind of caught my breath. Came back here the first thing this morning and started moving offices and trying to create some normalcy. We've been meeting with the players, watching film. We've got a staff meeting tomorrow and we are starting to settle in.

WHAT WAS YOUR TAKE ON THE WHOLE ESPN COMMENT REGARDING WHAT HAPPENED ON THE SIDELINES WITH TERRY DON PHILLIPS?: After he called that terrible play on the interception by Tyler Grisham, he decided he wanted to stop calling plays. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. That was ridiculous. Terry Don has been nothing but supportive. Even though we didn't win the game, I felt like the team got better. I was not aware of that, but I thought it was absolutely ridiculous. There couldn't be anything further from the truth. The only thing that was said to me was about the holding call. That's it. I'd say that's just people knowing the lay of the land here.

DID CULLEN'S SURGERY GO AS WELL AS POSSIBLE?: Yeah. It wasn't as intrusive as they thought it might have been. They just had to clean out those fragments. I saw him this morning and he felt good and was ready to go.

WHAT'S THE LATEST ON C.J.SPILLER'S INJURY?: He just stopped by office and said he's doing everything he can. I think he'll be back for Boston College. I'll know more tomorrow. But right now I'd say it's likely.

WHAT ABOUT RASHAAD JACKONS: Same thing. I'd say he's probable.

IS THIS OFF-WEEK ALL ABOUT COMPETITION- WITH NO JOB BEING SAFE? There is no job out there that will be unchallenged. If somebody isn't getting the job done get the best guy in there that's ready to play. We've got to get a little better in the punt situation that's for sure.

HOW DO YOU FEEL THE PLAY CALLING WENT SATURDAY?: It was really good. I felt like I had a good rhythm with things. Billy was great up top. I vetoed a couple of things and changed them. He did some things too. We got the plays in. We fought for everything. First half we had some execution things. There won't be any changes. WE are on the same page. We made our time outs, we used them wisely. Converted a couple of third downs on third and long after a time out. It was a shame we couldn't finish the game out on that fourth-and-12 play.

IS THIS THE BEST WEEK FOR A BYE WEEK? Absolutely. Even though it was complete craziness last week it was good to go play a game. Now we can get into a little bit of a groove and settle in and have a normal routine. This gives us a chance to settle in.

HAVE YOU TALKED TO COACH BOWDEN SINCE THE END OF THE GAME? I have not talked to him since the end of the game. I did before the game. It was good ... we actually just texted each other. He was as supportive as ever.

YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE? Yeah I thought they played pretty good. We had a couple of MAs and gave up a couple of pressures. We had a pressure on the one Willy Korn got hurt on. Our running game was pretty simple. With the exception of when we lost Willy I thought they did a good job under the circumstances. We could certainly be better.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE HOLDING CALL ON THE FOURTH-AND-12 PLAY YOU CONVERTED? Well I'm still looking. I've got to watch it some more times here but I'm working on that.

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