SWINNEY: Tigers Bouncing Back

CLEMSON - Interim head coach Dabo Swinney talks about his team's first practice since Saturday's loss against Georgia Tech.


HOW DID YOUR TEAM BOUNCE BACK TODAY? Really good. Really good. Had an excellent team meeting this afternoon. Had a great senior meeting. That's what I've been most pleased with. The senior leadership on this team has been unbelievable the last few weeks. That's the group that could really go on the tank on you really quick. They've got no eligibility left. No mat drills. No nothing. I told them, I can't y'all enough for how y'all have stepped up and grabbed the bull by the horns. The attitude of the whole team is good. We came out and corrected a lot of mistakes. We had a nice crisp practice in shells. Tyepically on a Monday practice we don't go in shells, but on an open date we need to get a little more fundamental work in today.

WHO IS THE BACKUP QB RIGHT NOW UNTIL WILLY RETURNS TO PRACTICE? Mike Wade. We also played Kyle Parker today. We are trying to prepare for everything. I really think Willy will be back. I don't think he'll do much this week at all. Cullen was great. He'll get all the reps and hopefully Willy next week will be able to sling it around a little bit better.

CULLEN WASN'T LIMITED AT ALL? No. Must have been a miraculous surgery by Dr. Bowman. He actually did up-downs. We had the ring of death after practice where we have an accountability drill. Heck, he was in there for his turn for the mistakes he had and I was like surely he's not going to up-down, but he did. So he is doing good.

WHEN YOU SAID TWO-QB SYSTEM YESTERDAY, DOES THAT MEAN A SERIES FOR KORN OR WHOEVER IS PLAYING BETTER GETS TO PLAY? I could envision any and all of the above. We are going to win the game, that's what we are going to do. Every game from here on out- whatever we have to do to win the game. If we have to put Spiller in at quarterback that's what we are going to do. Cullen will be the starter going into this game and will obviously get all of the work. Really not sure how much Willy will get. Hopefully by Monday he's bouncing back. I think he'll be ready for the game for sure. Ideally, because they both bring really good aspects, and different intangibles, so it would be a good thing for us, if they are both healthy, to have a nice little package for Willy to do some things. I think that would be great. How far that goes I don't know.

WHAT'S UP WITH THOMAS AUSTIN AND HIS SNAPS? That's one of the things we talked about. He had one bad snap and one no snap, where everybody else moved and he was holding the ball. It's something we work on every day. And we worked hard on it today pre-practice on targeting the ball. But it's critical. For the most part he's done a good job, but if you get one bad snap in a critical situation you are behind the chains. That's what happened Saturday.

HOW MUCH MORE OF AN EMPHASIS WOULD YOU LIKE TO PUT ON THE DOWNFIELD PASSING GAME THE NEXT FEW WEEKS? A ton. The biggest thing we did was change up some protection schemes to help us set the pocket. Maybe not have as many 1-on-1's protection wise. We were looking for some 1-on-1 opportunities in the game. Any time you get a 1-on-1 on somebody, that's as good as you can do unless somebody just falls down. Any time we can get that with Aaron we want to take shots down the field. He's got great ball skills and can adjust. Covered doesn't mean incomplete. Just like open doesn't mean complete. You have to execute. We have a 6-4 1/2 NFL-type talent, if people want to give us 1-on-1's we have to make plays.

BARRY HUMPHRIES PLAYED A LOT SATURDAY, DO YOU THINK HE'S GOOD TO GO NOW? He did. We weren't sure about him. He wasn't sure about himself. I think it was the second half, Brad just told him, 'Barry, let's see what happens. Cut it loose.' I think he played 23 snaps and had nine knockdowns. Played well. I think he came running off the field one time saying, 'I am back! I'm back!" He was fired up. That was a big shot in the arm for us to know we've got Barry Humphries. He saw himself on film today. Cloy is back. We got some work with McClain in there, he had a couple of missed assignments in there his first time playing guard.

WHAT IS REALISTIC FOR RASHAAD JACKSON FOR B.C.? I was really anxious to see him today. I went over there and watched him in individual a little bit. He moved around pretty good. We didn't do inside or anything like that. Individual wise I thought he did well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

HAVE YOU MADE IT A POINT TO MAKE YOUR PRACTICES MORE TOUGH AND PHYSICAL? Oh yeah. Toughness is defined by a lot of ways. One of the things I talked to the team about Friday, if you are hurt, get off the field. I can't stand to see a guy lay on the field. Get off the field! Unless you need an amputation or you need a stretcher or are unconscious. Get off the field. There are a lot of ways to define toughness; it's not just coming out here running into each other. Marcus Gilchrist catches a cramp on a kickoff return- he comes off the field. Willy Korn gets hurt, get off the field. Brandon Maye- he got hurt. The trainers are trying to come out there, I told them Danny Poole doesn't need any more TV time get your butt off the field. They bought into that. That's toughness. Toughness is coming out here and working when you don't want to do. The pursuit drill at the end of practice, over and over and over. And again. And again. That's toughness. We have good physical drills this week as we practice. We'll have a nice rock 'em sock 'em practice.

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