Korn Hopeful for More Playing Time

CLEMSON - After waiting for nearly two years to see his first meaningful snaps as a Tiger, Willy Korn threw all of six passes in less than a quarter of action Saturday against Georgia Tech.

Of course, that was due to a bruised humerus bone in his shoulder that he suffered while trying to throw in the first quarter, but considering how long he waited before, it has to be difficult to think about what could have been Saturday had he remained in the game.

"It was so difficult to deal with," Korn told CUTigers.com. "I waited two years for my first career start and then 15 plays into and then I'm done.

"Then Cullen comes in and plays great - what's my role the rest of the year? That's what I've been wondering. Is it going to go back to just being Cullen's team and will I just have to be ready in case somebody gets injured?"

Fortunately for Korn, it didn't take him long to have his questions answered.

Interim head coach Dabo Swinney said during Monday's teleconference with the media he would use a two-quarterback system if Korn was healthy, and he re-iterated that again Tuesday after practice.

"That's what Coach Swinney said and hopefully he'll stick to his word and plays both of us," Korn insisted. "But yes it was a tough weekend for me, no doubt about it."

When asked specifically what he meant by a "two quarterback system, Swinney told CUTigers.com Tuesday it literally could mean anything in regards to the next five games.

"If we have to put Spiller in at quarterback that's what we are going to do," he said. "Cullen will be the starter going into this game and will obviously get all of the work. Really not sure how much Willy will get [this week]. Hopefully by Monday he's bouncing back. I think he'll be ready for the game for sure.

"Ideally, because they both bring really good aspects and different intangibles [to the team], it would be a good thing for us, if they are both healthy, to have a nice little package for Willy to do some things. I think that would be great. How far that goes I don't know."

As far as the injury itself is concerned, Korn said it all happened fairly quickly.

"I took a three-step drop, gathered up and was about to let it go and the defensive end made a nice play against our right tackle," he said. "I was going to throw, and right before the ball cam eout and he slapped my arm. My arm kept going back and my body was going forward.

"It was real sore today. I didn't do a whole of throwing but we are shooting for me to be back on Monday."

And as far as the two-quarterback system goes, well that's a welcome change for a talented signal caller that's been waiting in the wings for what has to seem like an eternity.

"Since I've been here it's always been a one-quarterback team," Korn added. "Just by him saying that it gives me a lot of motivation to work harder. I was real excited to see him say that.

"Coach Swinney wants to win and if that gives us the best opportunity to do that, that's what we are going to do."

JACKSON GETS WORK TUESDAY: The long awaited return of senior defensive tackle Rashaad Jackson is expected to end in 11 days against Boston College.

Jackson, who has been out since preseason camp with a quad injury, went through some contact Monday and is hopeful to be back in action for the first time this year versus the Eagles.

"It's day-to-day. I'm not really trying to push anything. I just want to see where I am. I've missed two months already so I'm far behind," he said. "I'm trying to get in everything I can right now. I'm doing some contact in some drills.

"Really I'm trying to get up to speed with things ... this game is fast so I'm working on everything so I can get back and play."

SMITH ALSO DOING BETTER: Redshirt freshman guard David Smith also appears to be doing better after suffering an ankle injury three weeks ago.

"It's feeling a lot better," he said. "I'm starting to jog at a good pace now. I'm pulling the sled around. I'm not quite cutting yet but I'm going to try that tomorrow and see how it goes.

"Hopefully I can get my spot back on the line soon."

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