SWINNEY: Korn, Spiller, Smith Healing

CLEMSON - Interim head coach Dabo Swinney looks ahead to Boston College and discusses his team's health after the off-week.


HOW DID C.J. SPILLER LOOK TODAY? Looked good. Looked good. He had his most extensive work today. He bounced around well. I was a little bit worried because it was cold and windy. But he looked good.

WHAT ABOUT WILLY KORN?: Willy was much better. He's still not able to cut it loose. His range was much better today. He probably worked down to a seven-iron today. He's still not ready to pull out his three-iron yet. I think he'll be ready to go too by Saturday. It's getting better each day.

WILL YOU PLAY TWO QUARTERBACKS SATURDAY? If they are both healthy I'd love to. The biggest thing is going to be Willy. He was able to rep all day today and still isn't quite 100 percent. I would love nothing more than to use both of those guys to their strengths the rest of the way. At least see how it goes.

DO YOU THINK THAT CAUSES B.C. SOME CONCERN HAVING TO PREPARE FOR BOTH? I think it has to cause a little bit of concern. They have to prepare for a different style guy. He's more active with his legs and there are more things you can do with a quarterback like that. The biggest thing is he deserves to play. Both of them. I want competition. That's what we've got. Right now Willy isn't able to compete like he needs to. I tell you Cullen is probably played the best he has all year the last couple of weeks. Both of their attitudes are great but I want to play the guys that deserve to play regardless of position. I want good morale and good competition.

WHAT ABOUT RIGHT GUARD? Right guard? Yeah we got one. We got a couple of them. I was pleased today ... David Smith came back today was able to do more than I thought. We were going to ease him back in and then the next thing I know Brad's throwing him in there on the inside and team pass. He's a lot further along today than I thought he'd be so that was a pleasant surprise. We are still working Cloy, Hutchinson and McClain.

IS B.C. AS TOUGH TO RUN ON THIS YEAR AS THEY'VE BEEN IN YEARS PAST? Oh man they are a brick wall. They are just space eaters. They gobble you up. A lot of times their linebackers are running free because No. 60 and 90 they gobble up your blocks. They got No. 94 he's a defensive end playing linebacker. He's a big big guy. I think he's third in the league in tackles. Very active player. But they are all very very big. Just lining up and win one-on-one matchups will be a difficult task. We've got to try and create some space and do some things in the running game to allow us be successful.

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