Is He Ready?

Is Dabo Swinney ready to be the next head coach at Clemson? Dan Scott weighs in with his latest column for

The real work for Dabo Swinney began this week.

Actually, it began last week in the immediate hours following the loss to Georgia Tech. And as we all know a head coach's work is never done, whether he's on the job 10 years or 10 days.

And this isn't to say that what he went through in his first week on the job - beginning the day he was named Clemson's interim coach through the end of four quarters with the Yellow Jackets - was easy.

On the contrary, those few days had to be among the most stressful of Swinney's life.

But they also were among the most exhilarating.

The way he captivated the fan base, the way he apparently patched up a fractured locker room, the roar of the crowd when he kissed Howard's Rock and ran down the hill for the first time...

All those moments are highlights which he will never forget. And they all came in the span of just over five days.

But after Georgia Tech things settled down. At least in a sense.

Two weeks before the next game. The next two matchups on the road. Both hugely important games for Clemson's teetering bowl hopes.

The rush of emotion, the wave of adrenaline...I t's all given way to trying to find something of a normal routine. Under extenuating circumstances, to be sure. But a routine is a must, because eventually a coach can't function on three hours sleep per night.

Not even one with a Yabba-Dabo-Do t-shirt out there in circulation.

We know Swinney loves Clemson.

We know he can motivate players.

We know he can excite a stadium filled with 80,000 people.

What we don't know, at least yet, is if Dabo Swinney is ready to be a head coach at this level. He has five games remaining to answer that question for AD Terry Don Phillips.

Now that the whirlwind of a first week is over, and now that the bye week is completed, it's back to the routine. Five games in five weeks.

Not a lot of time to prove one's worth to a prospective employer. Top Stories