Tigers Lack Focus Wednesday

CLEMSON - The noise that was heard from the practice fields Wednesday wasn't the sound of an oncoming train, it was interim head coach Dabo Swinney getting after his team in the midst of a lackluster practice.


SOUNDS LIKE YOU GOT AFTER YOUR TEAM PRETTY GOOD TODAY: It was just one of those days you know. I didn't think we had a very good practice. Sometimes you have to be reminded on how you got here. And what it's going to take to get out of this mess we are in. That's the way it has to be. They responded very very well but today we didn't have the kind of focus we needed. I'm glad we didn't play today. If we would have played today we would have been beaten bad. I was disappointed with the focus.

WAS IT EXCUTION ISSUES? I don't know if it was overall execution. Just attention to details. Just doing the little things that need to be done. That's what it's all about. Just kind of brought their attention back to some of those details.

WHO ARE YOUR STARTING GUARDS? Probably [Mason] Cloy. [Bobby] Hutch [Hutchinson]. [Antoine] McClain. Two of those three. Still haven't decided yet.

HAVE YOU SEEN IMMEDIATE DIVIDENDS IN THE INTERIOR GUYS FROM THE TRANSITION TO THE THREE-POINT STANCE? Well it takes time. They aren't always down. There are certain things. Same thing with tackles sometimes it's pass or run. You are up or down. Is the tight end on my side? We've made some progress. We didn't run the ball very good [against Georgia Tech]. It will be a tall task against these guys too. We are going to do everything we can to try and run the football. That's where it starts for us.

IS DAVID SMITH STILL IN THE MIX AT GUARD AS WELL? Yes. Yes. He was a little sore. He was really sore yesterday. We really pushed him hard on Monday and was sore yesterday. Today was a little bit better. Hopefully by game day he'll be in the mix. Still not as sharp as he was before he got hurt though.

IS THERE ANYTHING DIFFERENT YOU WILL DO ON THE ROAD, ASIDE FROM THE PLAYERS WEARING COAT AND TIE, THIS WEEK? Maybe just meetings will be a little bit different. How we do our meetings. That's definitely different- how we meet. Maybe my meeting on Friday night. That's it.


HOW DID KORN LOOK TODAY? Much better. Much better. Thought he threw the ball well today. He's running good. The biggest thing now is the soreness seems to be working itself out even after getting hit. He's bouncing back up. He looked good.

DID YOU TALK WITH DANNY FORD RECENTLY? Somebody asked me that today. It's not something I'll really talk about because he was nice enough to visit with me. We are from the same background, now a lot of the same people. Believe in a lot of the same things. I'm friends with his sister. With his niece. I've known about him my whole life. He's been in a similar situation. I think he took over a nine or 10 win team at the time so it's a little bit different. But we have a lot of things in common. He was a young coach. He's definitely an encyclopedia. I really appreciated the opportunity to sit down with him and he had some good comments about my situation and Clemson and things like that. But nothing that I want to get into detail about it. We met an undisclosed location. In the cover of darkness. Three state troopers- on a tractor. I actually had a chance to go out to his place which was really neat for me. He's a resourceful guy and he has been in the situation I've been in and I don't have all the answers and he's in Pendleton so let me visit with him. Plus, like I said, we have a lot in common so I called him up and asked if I could bend in his ear a little bit. He's a funny guy. Has a lot of common sense. He's a worldly guy. I've met him several times. But one thing about coach Ford, I've been here almost five and a half years and I've only seen him a few times. He keeps to himself. I enjoyed going out and seeing where he lives. He's a neat guy.

WOULD YOU LIKE FOR HIM TO TALK TO THE TEAM? That might be something we might do on down the road if I were to get the job. I'd love for him to come over here. Would love to.

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