Gaddis Working on Big E?

C.J. Gaddis saw his high school career end just a few weeks ago, but he's now turned his attention to two things: the Shrine Bowl, and helping the Tigers out on the recruiting scene. Gaddis talks about playing running back in the Shrine Bowl, as well as recent talks with Union OL Eric Young in this report.

Tell me about how the season ended up?
Gaddis: It ended pretty good. Individually it went well, but I just wish the team had done better. The playoff game, we were actually up with like 6 minutes left and then a bunch of freaky things happened. They made a couple of big plays on the offensive side of the ball and we ended up losing by 7. We weren't going three and out on offense or anything but they just got the ball back a lot of times at the end and won.

Are you looking forward to playing in the Shrine Bowl in a few weeks?
Gaddis: Oh yeah. That's quite an honor, I'm just happy to be playing in it. It's one of those things that I really forward to you know.

Are you playing as a quarterback?
Gaddis: Actually, they have me listed as a running back, so I think I'm playing as a running back. They are going to let Mr. Leak quarterback. (laughing)

How do you feel about that?
Gaddis: Well I'd like to play quarterback, but it's an honor to play in the Shrine Bowl. I don't mind it that much.

What did you think about the Clemson-South Carolina game?
Gaddis: I just thought it was a great game. I knew how it was going to end that way. (laughing) I just had the feeling that we were going to pull it out in the end and we did. I actually did a little recruiting too while I was there.

Really? Who did you talk to at the game?
Gaddis: I talked to Eric Young and Mike Mason (North Carolina commit). They really didn't say too much about the other schools, Mike was saying the same thing to me when I was in Chapel Hill for the Clemson game. I talked to them both for a while and did a little "recruiting" for Clemson. (laughing)

Have you had any in-home visits?
Gaddis: Oh yeah. Coach O'Cain came by, Coach Hunter (UNC) and Coach Bobo (Georgia).

What are they talking about when they come by and see you?
Gaddis: They are just basically trying to sell their school. The same thing I've heard for a while now. The same old thing over and over.

I've got you down with visits to Clemson, North Carolina, and Georgia, is that right?
Gaddis: I just went to North Carolina, so I guess I'll just be going to Clemson and Georgia from here on out.

Is Coach O'Cain still talking about you playing quarterback?
Gaddis: Yes he is. Just like I told you before, I'm the only quarterback they are going to take this year.

CUTigers Notes:
Gaddis reiterated his commitment to Clemson, and there's little doubt now that he'll be wearing orange next season. Gaddis also indicated that he's taken his own initiative to speak with as many of the current Clemson verbal commitments as possible.

Gaddis' personality is infectious- he's a true team player as evidenced by the following statement issued several weeks ago, "I bleed orange and purple already," the senior quarterback said. We'll continue to keep you updated on C.J. Gaddis right through signing day. Top Stories