SWINNEY: Wants Tigers to Finish

CLEMSON - Clemson returned to practice for the first time since Saturday's 27-21 win over Boston College Monday evening.


IS KORN BACK TO 100 PERCENT AT THIS POINT? We'll find out this week. He wasn't Saturday from a throwing standpoint. I watched him in pregame and he didn't have the zip that he normally has on the ball. Really, still wanted to play him more with some of the run stuff we were going to but they took some of our outside game away. I think he'll be much closer to 100 percent throwing the ball on Saturday.

DOES THAT MEAN HE WILL PLAY MORE THAN HE DID AGAINST B.C.? We'll see. We don't have a set plan. The plan will be to play him, for sure. Yep. How many ... if it's a series, two series, or a half. Don't really know.

HOW COMFORTABLE ARE YOU WITH BOBBY HUTCHINSON AS A CENTER AFTER WATCHING FILM? He did a great job, you know. It was one of those things we didn't want to advertise last week. Y'all kept asking me about guard. Y'all have got to be more specific with your questions (laughing). He did a great job. He had a terrible holding call on the long screen we hit with Spiller. That was big because it was 17-0 at that point. It was a situation where we needed a little bit more punch at guard. In fact I think he got lineman of the week. That worked out well for us. All options are on the table for us this week.

ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT THE LACK OF SACKS ON DEFENSE? Well, you know, it's not cause they're not getting there. You say, ‘yeah I want sacks' but heck they are shutting them down. We've got to quit putting them in bad situations on offense. They don't score a point if it weren't for our charity. They blocked a punt and we had two just bad decisions on the interceptions that led to points. Even then it took a fourth-down escape from a sack play. It wasn't easy for them to score even though they got the ball down there. I'm proud of the defense they are doing a good job. They are starting to swarm. They are playing a little tighter Saturday and they brought pressure. We had guys there … my biggest challenge to them there is we've got to finish those! We'll get our sacks and tackles for losses. We'll leave our feet or get undisciplined technique-wise. We've got finish and that will be an emphasis this week. We missed some tackles but we usually had another guy there. They played really good but there is a lot left on the table for them defensively. ... But they are swarming and hitting people in the mouth and that's got to be our trademark. ... I was more disappointed that we had an opportunity to put them away and we made some critical mistakes so we'll have to correct that this week.

IS JACOBY FORD OK? Yeah he was back today. We are in good shape there. Nobody missed today. We are in good shape injury-wise.

WHAT DID TERRY DON SAY TO YOU AFTER THE GAME? He was just excited for the team and for the kids. Everybody was happy. It was a good win.

HOW BIG OF AN ENDORSEMENT WOULD IT BE FOR YOU TO WIN THIS GAME THIS WEEKEND? (laughing) Any win is big. But you got a chance to go down and play Bobby Bowden. Heck, he was coaching and winning when I was born. He's a legend and one of my heroes. He's an Alabama guy. Born in Birmingham and went to the same high school as my mom did. He's much older than my mom- make sure you write that. I love Bobby Bowden. It's just an honor for me to shake his hand. I mean, I just want to win. I'm not looking for any kind of endorsement. These kids deserve to win. They are doing the things in practice for them to deserve to win. I think we'll play hard and play with passion. We just have to play a little smarter. I'm looking for them to play their best game. That's my challenge this week. We've taken another step. Now let's play a complete game. Let's play our best game because we are going to get their best shot. No doubt about it.

WILL YOU TALK TO TOMMY THIS WEEK? Oh yeah. I'll probably talk to him a couple of times this week. I don't think he's going to the game. I think he's going to West Virginia.

YOU SAID IT WAS AWKWARD FOR YOU. DO YOU THINK IT IS AWKWARD FOR HIM? I'm sure. This is his football team. The one thing about Coach Bowden is that he has great perspective. He's been in this business this whole life and he has a great spirit to him. He's a hard guy to get down. He bounces back quick. I think he'll be watching wherever he is. He was watching Saturday. Hopefully he'll be pulling for us and not his daddy. I don't know if we'll ever know the answer to that one. I know I would ... the heck to the rest of y'all.

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