Ford Looking for Dream Score at FSU

CLEMSON - As Jacoby Ford returns to his home state of Florida this weekend when the Tigers battle Florida State, he has visions of big plays.

Big plays that hopefully translate into a big Clemson win.

But Ford also has some extra incentive Saturday against the Atlantic Division rival 'Noles- his older brother Davy played for Florida State earlier this decade.

Davy had an 82-yard touchdown run against the Tigers back in 2000 and still talks about the play to this day.

"He talks a little trash about Florida State," Ford tells with a laugh. "But he pretty much goes for Clemson now because I go here.

"When we aren't playing them he pulls for Florida State but now he'll be pulling for us Saturday."

The younger Ford has been an integral part of Clemson's passing attack this season- already establishing career highs in receptions (35) and receiving yards (390), but he has yet to become the impact player many expected him to be on special teams.

He's also yet to score a touchdown against one of his favorite teams growing up - Florida State.

"It's been a dream of mine to score in this game," Ford said. "That would sweet because I haven't done it before. We've played those guys twice since I've been here but I haven't a scored a touchdown yet. That's a goal of mine and it would be a dream come true if I can get it before I leave Clemson."

Florida State, which currently leads the ACC in total defense will no doubt be blitzing often Saturday afternoon against Clemson's young offensive line. And whether or not the Seminole defense can get to QB Cullen Harper could very well dictate the outcome of the game - because if it can't, chances are several of Clemson's big play makers will have the opportunity to do what they do best.

The 'Noles will blitz linebackers while in man-to-man coverage, meaning receivers like Ford and Aaron Kelly could be in situations where just one player stands between them and the end zone.

"It's a challenge," Ford said. "If somebody wants to come up and play man-to-man, that's what you want. It just means there is going to be tight throws and tight coverage and you have to make them pay.

"The opportunity will be there to make plays but we all have to execute in order to give us the best chance of making that happen."

And making matters even more difficult is the atmosphere at Doak-Campbell Stadium.

It's not like playing at Duke or Wake Forest. Florida State rivals Clemson's game day atmosphere and then some.

"It actually does come close to matching our atmosphere at Clemson," Ford said. "It's a hostile environment. Their fans are kind of rude but in a classy way.

"But it's going to be loud and that will impact game but we can't wait to get down there and play those guys. The atmosphere is going to be electric."

And Ford is hoping he can be equally as electrifying on the field. Top Stories