CUTigersTV: Dabo Swinney

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Watch Clemson interim head coach Dabo Swinney after Saturday's 41-27 loss to No. 24 Florida State.

"Very disappointed, obviously. The objective is to find a way to win. You've got to give them credit. They were definitely the better team today; simple as that. Just outplayed us. We had several opportunities to re-take the lead or get back in the game but we just couldn't seem to get over the hump. But there will be a lot of things we can learn from on this film.

"Defensively, we are very disappointed. Our defense has played very well the last three ball games or so. We just couldn't get off the field today. You have to give them credit. They blocked us. The thing that is the most disappointing is (on) the two reverses we had the right calls and we just didn't execute. We didn't tackle very well. The two reverses hurt us. The most frustrating thing for me in the ball game was they got one score on third and eight; we got zero pressure and he (Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder) forever to run around and complete a first down on go onto score. Then third and 15; we go out and got some points got a chance – I think it was a seven point game, third and 15 and (they) throw a screen we got seven (Ponder) dropped and we don't make a tackle. We don't make a tackle. I'm just very disappointed in that because those were the opportunities that I'm talking about where we could maybe have taken control of the game again and gotten the momentum back. When you come to a place like this it's all about momentum. You've got to get some momentum and we didn't do a good job of taking the momentum back. I'm very disappointed. Also, kickoff coverage I thought put our defense in poor field position. They did a good job of blocking us.

"Offensively, I'm proud we didn't quit. I don't think the team quit at all. They played to the very, very end. You get an onsides kick and anything can happen. I was thinking 1998 at LSU, onsides hit Shon Alexander for a touchdown. Onsides got it back and went and won the game. That's what I had in my mind. We didn't execute the onsides kick very well and they made the play. Offensively – they are a good defense; very, very good. They are top five in the nation for a reason. They played with a high, high motor and high energy today. I was most disappointed with our protection – we were pathetic. It really hurt us losing Chris Hairston – we lost him somewhere in the first half. He had a slight concussion and couldn't go back in. We just absolutely just got whipped on some match ups. That's really what it comes down to." Top Stories