SWINNEY: OL Future is Very Bright

CLEMSON - Almost as if he was responding to an article on CUTigers.com earlier today written by Dan Scott, Dabo Swinney said the future on the offensive line is indeed bright.


Did you hear on Dorell Scott?
Swinney: Yeah. MRI looked good. Looked like a strain. I think he should be okay. He moved around. Did some light running and stuff today. The big thing was getting good news on the MRI.

What about Chris Hairston?
Swinney: Hopefully he'll be able to do more tomorrow. But it may be Wednesday before he cuts it loose. He's a sharp kid mentally. He's probably one of the most cerebral players on the team to be honest with you. Not concerned with him with reps. Physically, it's the 10th game of the year so he should be okay.

What was the message to your team today?
Swinney: Well, you know, just focused on the mistakes. We had good meetings offensively and defensively where the breakdowns were and missed assignments. Missed opportunities, tackles and things like that. We corrected them and moved on. It's all about Duke. We got another game to get ready for and it's a great opportunity for us to go win a game. That's it. We played a really good team on the road and they were the better team Saturday. We had our opportunities and hopefully we will learn from the mistakes we made. The scoreboard didn't show it but we are still making progress towards the ultimate goal. Hopefully Saturday we can play that complete game we've been looking for. Let's put it together one time. We went up to BC, and didn't play the complete game but won. We go to Tallahassee- we scored 27 points. Defensively, I never would have thought we would give up 34 points. I mean, we haven't given up 34 points in three of some of these games. B.C. played Notre Dame this weekend and shut them out. I think they know we have the potential this year to do something. We've got two home games left to finish out a winning season for these seniors. Still have the opportunity for a bowl. More importantly, we've got a chance to play at Death Valley this weekend in front of a homecoming crowd.

Some people are calling Saturday's loss is demoralizing ... did your team looked demoralized out there today?
Swinney: No. No. Not at all. You know ... demoralizing loss? Heck, there are two minutes to go in the game and you've got an onside kick with a chance to win it. I wouldn't call that demoralizing ... I'd call that 'still in it with two minutes to go in the game.' I saw a team go in there and drive 97 yards against a top five defense in the country and give ourselves a chance. As bad as we played, we still had an opportunity. Demoralizing? I'd say that's a little drastic. Disappointing, yes. We'll move on. If you look at any successful person in life, it's not because they haven't failed, it's because they have gotten up. It's all about attitude. It's all about how you look at things and it's my job to make sure our attitude is right and that we are focusing on the right things. It's a process guys ... like I said three weeks ago ... Rome was built in a day.

Did you meet with your seniors today?
Swinney: Had a really good meeting with the seniors. As I have every week since I've been doing this. And we've got some of our young leadership now in there doing this. It's been really good. I had three or four 1-on-1 meetings today with our older guys and they said the right things. I'm pleased with where they are mentally. The biggest thing for me is getting them healthy this week. We've played two tough games on the road and it's the 10th game of the year- so it's important to get them bouncing around physically.

Is Thomas Austin still at left guard?
Swinney: Probably will. They held up pretty good inside. They really didn't play bad inside. I was excited because I thought we could run the ball on those guys. And we did. Had we been able to stay on schedule, and not have to play behind the chains so much as far as chasing them. It was a 17-13 ball game and then they score, then they get the ball back at the start of the second half and score again - that's a 14 point swing without us having the ball. I wish we could have played on schedule more. That's when we are at our best. When we lost Chris and had to play one-dimensional after that, that's when we had matchup problems.

Where is David Smith practicing right now?
Swinney: We had David Smith out there working some at left tackle today. Him and Cory Lambert. I think we'll be fine because we'll get Chris back. It's a work in progress. Landon Walker is a freshman and he battled pretty good. Especially in the second half. He's a freshman who next year will be a sophomore with 12 games under his belt. Same thing with Mason Cloy. Antoine McClain had his best game. Slowly but surely the light is coming on for him. Chris Hairston is a sophomore. The future is bright up front. No question about it. We are having to go through some growing pains. We've got the right kind of guys. It's not a dire situation. I know, we've got some guys who haven't performed as well as they should. This young group, you can write this down, and I don't know where I'll be, I might be living in Hawaii all I know selling sun glasses on the beach, which doesn't sound all that bad right now, but this young group of linemen right there, in two years, mark it down, y'all will all be talking about these guys. Landon Walker is a kid that is going to be a great, great player. Antoine McClain- big time talent. Mason Cloy is just going to get better and better. Tough and gritty. Hard-nosed. Thomas Austin is an NFL kid. Chris Hairston will be as good of left tackle as we've had here. The future is very bright offensive line-wise. Dalton Freeman and Sanders and Kenneth Page.

INJURY UPDATES: [Jonathan] Willard had some surgery today. He had his knee scoped. And it wasn't near as serious as we thought. They took a tendon out and cleaned it up. Just normal scope-type rehab. Kyle [Parker] went ahead and had his wrist fixed and cleaned up. He could have done it a few weeks ago but he held off because we didn't know if we were going to have a quarterback. Not a serious thing. Charlie had it. He's fine for baseball. Hopefully we'll get him back for bowl practice.

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