Tigers Continue Preparing for Cavs

CLEMSON - Interim head coach Dabo Swinney met with the media after Wendesday's practice session as the Tigers continue preparations for their ACC finale against the Virginia Cavaliers.


Have you gotten any more of an indication in the last 10 days that TDP is going to give you this position as head coach?
Swinney: No indication, you know. I mean, none. Just keep working, that's it. All I know is that we'll sit down at the end of season and I'll have an opportunity to visit with him. That's the only guarantee I had in this whole deal was that I would have a chance to visit with him at the end of the year. Go do a good job and do the best I could and see what happens.

What's the update on Dorell Scott?
Swinney: Yeah, he's good. Dorell was moving around well today. Tim's not here, but I think he would be probable.

Any other injuries?
Swinney: No. In fact I told the team I think we're probably as healthy as we've been in a long time.

The outside linebacker with all the sacks, does he do most of his damage standing up or in an end position?
Swinney: Well they use him in a lot of different ways, but when they go to their rush package on obvious passing situations they put him down. They go to a four man front and he's a rush end. He's pretty good. He'll have our full attention, that's for sure.

What kind of concern is the 50 package they run, that's kind of a different defense?
Swinney: Well nowadays, I mean it used to be a big deal. I mean either you were a four man front, an even front, or an odd front. But nowadays, defenses are so multiple. I mean you work against different things all year long. But they are a little different in that they major in a 50 front, so that's a little bit different from a protection and run scheme, and just getting your bits and points right, but not a major factor.

Will you have the same starting five on the offensive line?
Swinney: Yeah, thank goodness. We're starting to get a little bit of continuity now. I think that is one of the reason's we're still a long way from being where we're going to be eventually, but they are getting better.

I know Mason Cloy is still starting, but is he still closing on Antoine McClain?
Swinney: Oh yeah, I would say so. He's playing better. He's a big, physical specimen. I mean he had twenty something snaps, probably had his best game Saturday. He's still making progress. And Mason's doing a great job too, he's really done really well for a red shirt freshman.

Korn still going to get in for a series or two?
Swinney: I would think so. We plan on using him at some point. Definitely plan on playing him.

What is up with Korn? He says he's fine but Billy Napier says he's not?
Swinney: It's drama for your mamma. Heck I don't know. He says he's fine. I think there are several things here. Willy separated that collar bone last year. He didn't really much the rest of the year. Then he went through the spring. I don't know if he's compensating? Then he got hurt again. We are working on some things. We all know he can do it. The kid is a special player. I said, 'hey just be Willy.' Quit worrying about anything else. Don't worry about style points or anything else. He's like a great shooter in a little bit of a slump- you need a layup every now and then. He's fine. Actually he threw the ball very good today.

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