Oliver Purnell Post-game Comments

CLEMSON - Listen to head coach Oliver Purnell talk about Wednesday's win over Wofford.


Thoughts on the game: "Pleased with the way we played tonight. The guys got better as the game went on, which was a good thing to see. They did a good job finding their rhythm offensively and they were able to force a lot of turnovers. Then we came out in the second half with a tough mindset and were able to carry it the rest of the game."

On concerns about playing Wofford: "I was concerned about Wofford's unorthodox style of play, they make you take the jump shots and if you are having trouble shooting then it can be a close game."

On the confidence of Clemson's freshmen: "Tanner and Andre did not play like freshmen at all during the tournament, and Narcisse did a great job tonight when he got in. I am very pleased with the poise and maturity these guys are showing." On Clemson's fast-paced style: "I think it sends a message, and it gets people excited because the fans, players, and coaches all enjoy it."

On Andre Young's performance: "Things started to open up for him towards the end of the game, and he is a good shooter and was able to take advantage of those opportunities."

On Booker's ankle: "It is good. He was doing well on it and it should be 100% by Saturday."

On the crowd: "We want our fans to rock Littlejohn. It was a good crowd tonight and that gives the team energy."

On the team's free throw shooting: "They definitely help us win games because they can expand the lead. We won two or three tournament games with the help of our free throws."

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