5 Questions with Tanner Smith

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com sits down with freshman Tanner Smith after Wednesday's win over Wofford.

Freshman guard Tanner Smith scored five points in his first game at Littlejohn Coliseum, but it was a behind the back pass that led to a thunderous dunk by Ray Sykes that had fans talking about his play more than anything else.

CUTigers.com spoke with Smith after the game to his thoughts on the evening:

You had one of the biggest plays of the game tonight with that behind the back pass to Sykes ... that had to be a good feeling. What was that like for you?
Smith: It was really cool. Throwing that pass was fun, and I mean Ray did the rest. He finished really strong at the rim. The crowd got into it, which was fun to see.

You guys won three games essentially on the road last weekend in Charleston, but what was it like to play your first game at Littlejohn Coliseum?
Smith: I think I did well tonight. The whole team did really well. But just overall-- defensively, really trying to work on that and getting us some more turnovers.

Are you guys surprised that you were able to keep such a dominant lead in this game or were you expecting a little more competition?
Smith: I was expecting a little more competition. But we ended up playing really well, so that helped us out a lot.

Now it's your first semester in college, and it's kind of winding down now; how does it feel to be making the transition?
Smith: It's a little bit easier than I thought it would be. But as the season goes on and we miss more classes, it's definitely getting a little bit tougher.

Do you get the sense Saturday's game at Charlotte is going a much bigger test for this team
Smith: It definitely is because it's our first true road game and Charlotte beat us here last year so they're definitely going to try to do it again. We have to go into a pretty hostile place and get a win.

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