Swinney Planning to Savor Week

CLEMSON - The Tigers moved indoors to practice Monday due to poor weather, but interim head coach Dabo Swinney said it was a good session and also provided injury updates on Willy Korn and Chris Clemons.


WILLY KORN INJURY UPDATE: "They saw some fraying on his labrum and they will probably clean that up Sunday or Monday pending on the bowl situation," said Swinney. "We are going to watch him tomorrow but he actually threw the ball better today. We told him to cut it loose. We'll also rep Michael Wade."

MRI WAS LAST NIGHT? I think it was last night.

CHRIS CLEMONS INJURY UPDATE: "I think he's going to be okay. He's a fifth-year senior and he's played a lot of football. It's his 12th game of the year. He'll be limited practice-wise but mentally he's a sharp kid. I think he'll be ready to go by game day. It's one of those things that will get better every day. If he played today he would have a hard time."

SAPP ACL UPDATE: It's your typical ACL recovery. Those things always vary from player to player. He might be able to do some limited type stuff [in spring]. They won't know the full scope until they get in there. He's a hard worker. Had a good talk with him today.

FACING SMELLEY, WILL THAT ALTER ANYTHING: No. They've played them both all year. They rotated them plays. They rotated them series. They have played them games. We have to prepare for their offense regardless of who is playing quarterback. Both of those guys- they can throw the ball. Nice arms. Can throw the deep outs. A lot of velocity. They are extremely capable guys. Both have had their moments.

DID PRACTICING INDOORS ALTER ANYTHING: It was actually really good. Mondays- you put the last opponent to bed. Do a lot of corrections and teaching and learning from the good and the bad from the previous game and introduce the next opponent. We had a good special teams review to start practice. We were able to get all that done. It's very quiet in there. It was a teaching environment. If it was a Tuesday, we probably would have rotated from a physical standpoint. Scout teams and all that kind of stuff. But today was very productive.

THOUGHTS ON JASPER BRINKLEY: He's a good player. They've got good people over there. Heck they are one of the top defenses in the nation in a couple of categories. I've known Ellis [Johnson] a long time and he's a heckuva coach. They are very multiple and they are all try-hard guys. Everyone of them. They try hard. They play hard. They have motors and play with energy and passion. It's going to be important that we match that.

RIVALRY FROM A HEAD COACHING STANDPOINT: No different. If you coach at Clemson or South Carolina, whether you are an assistant, the custodian, the secretary, you want to win. It's no different. I'm just driving the car. I can assure you the previous five [games] I wanted to win just as bad. No different in this situation. I know how important it is from both sides. There's a lot on the line. It doesn't get any better than this. Bragging rights. Teams playing for a lot of different things. It's exciting.

BOBBY HUTCHINSON AS A G.A.? He'd be a great candidate as a grad-assistant. It would be a natural transition.

HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT A POTENTIAL STAFF AT CLEMSON? Oh yeah. Absolutely. I've got my list for this job. If Saban leaves and I get the Alabama job- I've got that one. If I move to Wyoming I've got to have some Cowboys. If I go to Washington I've got to hire me some skiers. Everybody has a list of guys that you like, and we've got some great people here too ... so yeah.

DO YOU HAVE A DATE YET TO MEET WITH TERRY DON? Nope. I don't know. I just know we are going to sit down after the season. Maybe Sunday. Maybe Monday.

WOULD YOU PREFER TO JUMP RIGHT INTO IT: Well I think the sooner the better for everybody involved. Other candidates. The players on the team. The recruits. Everybody. Clemson in general. The sooner the better in this situation. You make a change in the middle of the season that would be the best thing for the situation.

HAVE YOU BEEN WOWED BY ANY OF THE OTHER CANDIDATES? I haven't read about them. I've had people throw names out at me but I don't give it any thought at all. I'm sure they are all great coaches. I just focus on what I do and what I can control. That's other people's decisions.

CAN YOU REMEMBER A MORE STRESSFUL TIME IN YOUR LIFE AS THE LAST FIVE TO SIX WEEKS? Well, to be honest with you the most stressful time in my life was two and a half years of GA'ing and getting my MBA. And married. And making $500/month and working for Coach Stallings. That was a very stressful time for me if I just think about it. This is fun. This has been an absolute blast.

I'm sad that this week has come so fast but I'm proud of the guys. I told them today- we talked about the second half of the season- we are 1-3 in the first four ACC games and 3-1 in our last four. And three of those games were on the road at B.C., Virginia and Florida State. For us to be 3-1, the best record in the conference right now in the second half of the season is a really good accomplishment for these guys and they have bought in to what we are trying to do. I couldn't be prouder of them. But it's not stressful.

What's the saying, "too blessed to be stressed?" That's me. I got nothing to be stressed about. Great guys. Good family. There's no stress here just having fun. You want to do your best and I lay down every night knowing I've done everything I can. I said that when I first got the job- when December gets around here I won't have any regrets and I have none. I have zero regrets.

My only regret is that I don't have more time. Wish I could have had a little bit more time. It's been a lot of fun and I'm just going to enjoy the week. I've got a lot done yesterday, last night and today so I can really free myself up tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday and really enjoy making one more run at this thing with these guys.

No stress. This is fun. Far from stress.

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