Give the Ball to Woody!

We saw it during the preseason, and now we've seen it during the regular season. Woody Dantzler deserves more playing time, and not just on special teams. With just three games left in the 2002 season, it's now time to unleash the beast, so to speak, for the Dallas Cowboys.

Woody Dantzler has shown he has what it takes to make it in the National Football League. Unfortunately, he's only been able to showcase his talents as a special teams' performer for the Dallas Cowboys.

In an offense that has struggled all season long, Dantzler is one of the few players on this team that actually has the ability to make a play in the open field.

However, when you talk to the so called the "experts," they tell you that 3rd string running back Michael Wiley still gets the nod because he's the best "blocking back" on the team.

Michael Wiley? Are you kidding me? This team desperately needs offensive production and players that can create match up problems for an opposing defense.

I'm here to tell you that Dantzler is one of those players. Twice during the preseason the former Clemson quarterback provided the only fireworks of the game in a win at Carolina and a home loss to the Falcons.

Former Clemson star Woody Dantzler was the first quarterback to rush for over 1,000 yards and throw for over 2,000 in the same season. He was activated by the Cowboys for the Thanksgiving game against the Redskins. (AP)
Dantzler electrified the crowd at Texas Stadium when he returned a kickoff 97-yards for a 4th quarter touchdown against Atlanta. The previous week he threw for an 11-yard scoring strike that would wind up being the only offensive touchdown of the evening.

For Dantzler, his confidence level has always been high, the only thing he needs is the chance to prove himself on the field. "I have confidence in my ability and it's been frustrating to sit and watch this season," said Dantzler in an interview on Wednesday.

"I'm used to getting the ball every play, but it's different here and you have to show what you can do all over again. As long as I'm making plays, I think I'll be fine. It's all about making big plays."

The bottom line here is that Woody Dantzler makes big plays in the NFL, and he now deserves the chance to prove himself on the playing field.

While there may be a log jam at the top of the depth chart with Emmitt Smith, Troy Hambrick, and yes even Michael Wiley, Dantzler deserves a shot somewhere in the last three games.

Why not as a slot wide receiver? Why wouldn't tinker with every offensive formation imaginable to get this kid on the field? After all, he pretty much carried Clemson on his back when he passed for over 2,000 yards and rushed for over 1,000 during his senior season.

"We knew he was a guy that could make plays when he got the football at Clemson," Campo said. "He handled the ball every play and made things happen there. It's really not a surprise that he comes here and does the same. We're going to find ways for him to help us."

Call it what you want, but Dantzler has it.

"It" is that extra spring in your step that gets you to the endzone instead of be tackled for a two-yard loss. "It" is what puts points on the board, and "it" is was sparks a team in desperate need of a jumpstart.

With just three games left in the 2002 season, the Dallas Cowboys need to think long and hard about which players can be a difference maker on this team in the future.

There's no doubt in my mind that Woody Dantzler is one of those players. He just needs the opportunity to prove it. Top Stories