Win Helps Tigers with Montgomery

The nation's No. 7 defensive end returned to Death Valley on Saturday to watch Clemson continue its domination over South Carolina. What did he think of Dabo Swinney and where do the Tigers fit on his current list of top schools? has the details.

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The No. 1 player in the state of South Carolina for the class of 2009, Sam Montgomery, visited Death Valley on Saturday to watch the Tigers dominate South Carolina.

"It was a good game," he told "I kind of knew it was coming. It was a feeling I had the night before. The team that is ready to play will win. It seemed like South Carolina was not ready to play.

"It was kind of shocking, but once you saw everyone play it was easy to see. I expected to see the South Carolina defense play better, but everyone has bad days."

Montgomery was able to speak with several other recruits while he was in Tigertown including J.K. Jay, Rod McDowell, Malliciah Goodman and Marcus Lattimore.

He also talked extensively with the Clemson coaching staff.

"I talked a lot with coach Vic," he said. "He told me how they dominated. He said they had a great game plan. They were all hyped up. The new coach is doing a great job."

Clemson interim head coach Dabo Swinney made a good impression.

"I talked to him for a brief time before the game. He was real nice. I listened to his motivational speech. It was really good. He would be a great coach," said Montgomery.

When asked about his current favorites in recruiting, Montgomery responded, "I would have to say Clemson, South Carolina, North Carolina, LSU, North Carolina, Southern California, Oregon, Alabama and all of the Florida schools."

Over the next month's No. 7 defensive end will work to narrow the field even more.

"I will cut the list down by the time I get back from the Under Armour game," he said. "I will have it down to five and maybe three by then."

The Tigers impressive victory over the Gamecocks helped the Tigers chances of landing the Greenwood standout.

"Oh yeah, oh yes. It helped them a whole lot," said Montgomery.

If he had to pick one of the in-state schools which team would it be right now?

"That is hard to say right now. It is like comparing apples and oranges," replied Montgomery.

What are the differences between the two in-state teams in Montgomery's eyes?

"I guess it would be the heart and motives of each team," he said. "They both have nice facilities. It would be the heart and character of the teams and the coaches." Top Stories