5 Questions with Tyler Grisham

CLEMSON - Senior wide receiver Tyler Grisham talks about Monday's big announcement.

How do you feel about Coach Swinney being named the head coach and watching everything here tonight?
Grisham: It feels great. We are all just so excited to have such a great person and great coach to lead us. He has a great balance of showing his love and how much he cares for each person, whether you're on staff or a player, and really everyone in this organization. He such a great leader, I could go on for hours about him. Bowl-wise, we're happy to play another game with him. I'm glad to play another game; it's going to be awesome for us. I love him to death.

You've known Dabo for years being from Alabama, what really stood out to you during this press conference in the last hour?
Grisham: I had never really seen him get that emotional. I mean I really hadn't. It's cool to see how much he really is aware of this opportunity and how much he cares about it. He has the greatest speeches, the greatest sayings, and all the knowledge he's acquired over the years that he keeps telling to others. He knows how to give a speech and he knows how to encourage you, so I was used to that, but just to see him get that emotional was pretty cool.

You were the one guy on this team whose known him longer than anybody, since you were going to camps in Alabama, so what's it like to see him work his way up to your head coach?
Grisham: It's just really great. I've told other people before this, its just so amazing. All of us are so excited and hopefully I speak for the entire team and for Clemson University and this whole city. It really is great, and we're all really happy for him. I knew he'd get the job, I would have bet him on it. It's no doubt in my mind how great of a job he'll do here and I expect to see him win many games.

It's amazing how this team has changed in the last seven weeks, what have you been able to notice about this transition?
Grisham: Very true. Defensively, I don't really know much about defense. I haven't played defense since high school, but all I see is that they are hitting people and blitzing and that's because they wanted to win. We won because of it. Offensively, we took some of Spence's offense and added some too it, threw the ball more, had some new plays—you saw it during the South Carolina game for sure. It's a totally different team out there, not just stigmatically, but also physically, emotionally, and spiritually overall.

What is everybody saying on campus about this hire? It seems like Dabo has even re-energized the students.
Grisham: Oh yeah, I mean he made changes in a week that haven't been made in 15 years. He's incorporated the student body and everybody loves him. He spoke at FCA last Thursday night, and there were around 3,000 people that showed up to hear him. Everyone was just blown away by his story, his testimony, and his personality. Everyone is excited because of who he is: they know his family around here, and they're excited about what he brings to the table as a person. Once they start to see that he's one of the best coaches in the nation, they'll be extremely happy.

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