Nation's No. 1 RB Changes Plans

There has been a change of plans for the nation's top running back prospect, Bryce Brown. has the latest so read on to see what that means.

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Bryce Brown made an early commitment to the University of Miami and while he remains committed to the Canes, he no longer plans to enroll early for college.

"There's been a change of plans," said his trainer/mentor Brian Butler. "He's not going to enroll early now. He wants to finish school."

Butler explained why the plans changed for Brown, whose brother (Arthur) enrolled early last year.

"This has very little to do with his college decision," Butler said. "It's more because of how overwhelmed he's getting with everything. He has finals on December 18th and things have been getting pretty crazy with everything going on. All this attention has started to cause a little problem in the classroom. He's getting ready for the All-American Game. He's having to meet with all these coaches all the time, constantly. It was just getting too much and he wanted to get back on a more regular schedule.

"He has finals on December 18th and once to really focus on those between now and then and not have to worry too much about the whole recruiting process. It's been tough but now he'll have a little extra time to make it work and to make sure he's making the right decision."

Despite the change of plans in enrolling early, Brown isn't expected to add any other schools to the list of ones he's already considering.

"He isn't adding any other schools or anything," Butler said. "It's still the same ones. He's taken visits to Oregon, Missouri, and Clemson and he plans on visiting Purdue and Miami. He was scheduled to see Purdue this weekend and then Miami next weekend. Those will be getting pushed back to January now.

"USC and several others have called to check on it but we just tell them nothing has changed with recruiting. It's still the same as before with the schools involved."

Butler confirmed that despite the change, Brown still has Miami in good shape.

"Miami's still right at the top," he said. "He just wanted to give the other schools a fair opportunity to recruit him. By pushing his graduation date back, it'll give him more time to breath and get done what needs to get done. It'll all work out well." Top Stories