North - South Photo Gallery (Set I)

Syvelle Newton, Maurice Nelson, Curtis Rice, and Marcus Howard were just some of the big names participating in the North-South All-Star game yesterday in Myrtle Beach. Here is the first set of photos captured from yesterday's action.

Marlboro County QB Syvelle Newton drops back for the throw.

Newton warms up on the side line after halftime.

Crestwood LB Maurice Nelson is ready for the play.

Union LB Curtis Rice looks on after the end of a play.

Rice set up on the line of scrimage a good bit Saturday afternoon to rush the passer.

Maurice Nelson goes in full speed for the tackle.

Maurice Nelson and Marcus Howard spent a good deal of time together Saturday afternoon.

Dreher RB Tremaine Billie fakes taking the handoff.

"Whatchu talking about?" says Tremaine Billie.

Newton heads off the field after directing the first scoring drive of the game.

Curtis Rice moves in for the tackles.

Syvelle Newton and Tremaine Billie wait for the snap.

Nelson brings down a running back in the first quarter. Top Stories