No. 1 RB Impressed with Clemson

The nation's No. 1 running back, Bryce Brown, traveled to Clemson for an official visit to watch the Tigers dominate South Carolina 31-14. Is there a chance he could switch his current verbal commitment from Miami after seeing what the Tigers have to offer?

RB Bryce Brown Profile spoke with Brown's mentor, Bryant Butler to get the latest.

What did Brown think about his trip to Clemson?

"It was nothing but positive thoughts," Butler tells "He mainly spoke of four things. The first thing he spoke about was the atmosphere and the fans. It amazed him. The second thing was coach Rumph and his family. He spoke highly of them. They have built a good relationship.

"The third thing was coach Swinney. Bryce talked about his passion for Clemson. He said he hoped he got the job and he felt that he deserved it. The last thing was C.J. Spiller who was his host. He talked about what kind of player he was. He is a high character young man."

Where does Bryce stand right now with recruiting?

"I don't think his angle will change at all. To be up front and honest he is really evaluating every school including Miami. Everyone is under constant evaluation," replied Butler.

Earlier today Butler was talking with another coach about Clemson.

"One thing stands out about Clemson is them being in the ACC and that if he went to Clemson he would have to play against his brother. That doesn't work in Clemson's favor. He doesn't want to do that," said Brown's mentor.

So why did he visit Clemson?

"One thing about Bryce is that he is an individual. He wants to go where it fits him the best. He has built a really strong relationship with coach Rumph. He really liked what Clemson had to offer. In the end Bryce will have to sacrifice something. He's not going to find a school where he likes everything 100 percent.

"He wasn't ready to make up his mind on Clemson and say 'I don't want to go there because they are in the ACC,'" said Butler.

The nation's top running back had planned to enroll early, but he has now decided to take his time.

"It is a blessing now that he is not enrolling early," said Butler. "We haven't set a timetable. He still has a couple of visits that he will take next month. He wants to process that information. He has a hectic schedule the next few weeks with his graduation and the All American game. We just got done with a training session. He has been working his tail off for that.

"There is not set timetable, no set date. It will play itself out. When he is ready to stop the process and he is sure about where he wants to go we will end the process," said Butler. Top Stories