Newton Still Open?

Marlboro County QB Syvelle Newton will still visit Clemson and South Carolina, but he'll also take a trip out west to visit the UCLA Bruins. Newton talked about recruiting after the North-South All-Star game on Saturday.

Syvelle Newton's high school football career is officially over, now comes the tough part.


Newton closed his career by completing 5-of-10 passes for 101 yards with a touchdown and 2 interceptions in the Annual North-South All-Star game held at Myrtle Beach Saturday afternoon.

He also added 98 yards on the ground, including a spectacular 70 yard touchdown run midway through the 4th quarter on a quarterback draw, and 29 yards on 1 reception.

"The most important thing today was that I had fun. Overall I'd say my performance was average," said Newton afterwards.

Both interceptions came when Newton was facing a stern wind, even though he denied that the weather played any factor in the mishaps.

"Nah, the wind didn't have anything to do with. My shoulder was bothering me a little. I tried wearing some more pads after halftime, but it limited how I could throw," added Newton. The senior quarterback bruised his shoulder in the first quarter.

After closing his season by being announced as the offensive MVP for his team yesterday, the Marlboro County prospect will now turn his attention to making a decision about his future.

"I'm visiting South Carolina on January 17th, Clemson on January 10th and then I'm going out to UCLA on January 24th," said Newton after the game.

"I'm going to take my visits and then decide. South Carolina still is my slight favorite, but I'm keeping open right now. Clemson is right behind them, and I'm still going to visit UCLA so we'll see." added Newton.

We will continue to keep you updated on Syvelle Newton up through signing day. Obviously, the Gamecocks are the team to beat here as Newton could easily avoid a redshirt next year as a wide receiver.

Newton was inconsistent throwing the football yesterday, in part due to the wind, and in part due to his shoulder injury. From a tactical standpoint, his throwing motion looked sound, although he does have the tendancy to just fling it up there and hope for the best.

His decision making was questionable, as he got lucky on two separate occasions when the ball was simply thrown up for grabs 30-yards downfield.

That being said, his athleticism was still unmatched on the field. Both Newton and Marcus Howard stood out as the true playmakers Saturday and there's no doubt that both kids will have the opportunity to become playmakers at the collegiate level. Top Stories