Gamecock Commitment Eyeing Clemson!

Tremaine Billie, a big time running back prospect out of Columbia's Dreher High School, committed to the Gamecocks earlier this year, but in his latest interview with, Billie says the Tigers are dead even with with South Carolina.

Tremaine Billie, a senior running back out of Dreher High School in Columbia, originally pledged his commitment to Lou Holtz and the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Billie saw extensive action in the North-South All-Star game Saturday in Myrtle Beach, but with the South squad playing from behind most of the day, he only finished with 6 carries.

While Tremaine is still committed to Carolina, he now insists that Clemson has moved back into the picture in a big way. Mr. Billie talked with late Sunday evening to talk about his future in college football.

Which schools are recruiting you the hardest right now?
Billie: I'd say Clemson, South Carolina, and Maryland are right now.

Talk a little bit about last week before the all-star game, was it nice hanging out with so many talented players?
Billie: Last week was pretty fun, just because you get to know different players and coaches around the state. It was great to be able to work with them and learn new things as well.

Which guys did you hang out with the most?
Billie: I'd say probably Marcus Howard, Maurice Nelson, and Syvelle Newton...mostly those guys and some others. There was a bunch of us actually.

RB Tremaine Billie rushed for over 1,500 yards and 19 touchdowns during his senior season at Dreher.
When you talk with those guys, do you talk about recruiting at all?
Billie: Yes, it comes up every once in a while. They'll tell me what schools they like or which schools they are considering. Then I would tell them what schools I like, you know. It would rarely comes up though.

Does it get the point where you guys realize that you might be playing against each other for the next four years in college?
Billie: Nah, it really doesn't get to that point. We didn't talk about that or anything.

I've been told that you are now split between Clemson and South Carolina, care to comment on that?
Billie: I mean, right now I stand 50-50. I'm undecided and I stand 50-50 with Clemson and Carolina.

What made you reconsider your commitment to South Carolina?
Billie: It made me think a little. I wanted to see if there was more out there than Carolina offered me. I want to be close to home, but I don't need to be that close to home.

Are both Carolina and Clemson recruiting you as a running back
Billie: Yes sir, both schools are recruiting me as a running back.

Which coaches are recruiting you from both schools?
Billie: For Carolina, it's Skip Holtz, from Clemson it's Brad Scott. They've both been by for in-home visits.

How did those visits go for you?
Billie: They went well. They both let me know about their depth charts and they both talked a lot about what each school could offer me education wise.

Are you looking at a specific major at this point?
Billie: Yes sir, I want to major in business or management so I want to know which school offers the best programs for that.

Are there any other schools right now that you are thinking about?
Billie: I'm looking at Maryland, I've got an official visit to see them in January. I think it's January 24th. I'm going to Clemson on January 10th and then to South Carolina on the 17th.

How did your stats look like this year at Dreher?
Billie: I ended up with 1,500 yards and 19 touchdowns on the ground and 2 receiving touchdowns.

Were you surprised that you didn't get more touches in the game yesterday?
Billie: Yeah, I was a little, but the coaches that we had were stuck on the passing game, so I can't fault them for that or anything. I felt like if I would have the chance to touch the ball a little more then I would have had the chance to show my abilities.

When are you looking to decide on a school?
Billie: It will be after I take all of my visits. Probably close to signing day sometime.

We'd like to conclude by thanking Tremaine for taking the time to speak with us. As it stands now, the Tigers are in prime position to land his services come February. We will continue to keep you updated on Tremaine Billie, right up through signing day. Top Stories