Tigers Get Back After It

CLEMSON - The Tigers returned to the practice fields Saturday to continue preparations for the upcoming Konica Minolta Gator Bowl against Nebraska.


Did you guys get semi-serious today?
Swinney: Yes. Yes. It was good work. Got the pads back on. The tempo was really good. Spirit of practice was good once again. Guys competed well. Effort was good all day. We were a little sloppy at times. Maybe rusty is a better word. Two weeks off really going full speed. I thought the effort was good but I'm glad we don't play today and glad we don't play tomorrow. Like I told them, we've got a lot of work to do. We are just getting started. I really enjoyed the JV work at the end of practice. That was a lot of fun watching and coaching those guys. We've got a group of young guys to work with this spring.

Any of the young players stand out today?
Swinney: Nah. Not after just one day. We've got a bunch of young players we'll kinda of single out before it's all over with. They all looked really really well.

Has it been difficult getting your new coaches acclimated?
Swinney: No they aren't rookies. This isn't their first rodeo. They've been around the block a few times. They are easy personalities and they are jumping right there in the middle of it. The kids are responded well to them.

What are your major concerns health-wise right now?
Swinney: Well not having Ricky Sapp would be a concern. He had surgery yesterday and it went well. Got out of the hospital today. [Stanley] Hunter tweaked something today but other than that everybody else is good.

Cullen said it seemed like forever since the last game. Were the guys eager to get going?
Swinney: Well it doesn't take long in this deal to lose your rhythm. A lot of other distractions have been going on - with finals. It's good to get back to work. It's all ball now. We can study film and practice and enjoy being with each other.

Some of the players said it feels like more of a summer practice because of the emphasis on the fundamentals. How much longer will that be the case?
Swinney: We are already developing our game plan but we aren't throwing a bunch of film right now. They are doing things right now in practice right now they'll do in the game. We are not focusing on THE game plan. We are focusing on getting better at throwing and catching and blocking and tackling. Just making sure we are good and crisp. By Wednesday we will be heavily into the game plan.

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